10 Things A Strong Woman Expects From A Relationship With You

She expects you to challenge her.”

Strong women are everywhere and any man would be lucky to land a strong woman in a relationship. These are the women who have no problems standing on their own two feet. These are the women who are doing whatever they can to make a name for themselves. They have lots of dreams and ambitions. They also possess the necessary talent and skillsets that are needed to pursue their grand dreams. They are relentless and hardworking. They are always trying their best to leave a mark on this world and they don’t really need a man to do it for them. A lot of men can be intimidated when it comes to dating these strong women, but it doesn’t always have to be difficult. You just have to be able to manage your expectations for the relationship.

You just have to know what you’re getting yourself into when you choose to date a strong and independent woman. You have to know what she’s expecting from you as well and you have to try your best to deliver if you want to make this relationship work. Remember that if you get the chance to make a strong and independent woman fall in love with you, you should never squander that opportunity. You should never be afraid of attaching yourself to strength. Dating a strong woman can do wonders for your sense of motivation and self-worth as well. So to help you out, here are few things that you need to be mindful of. These are 10 things a strong woman expects from being in a relationship with you.

1. She expects you to challenge her.

As a strong and independent woman, she is always craving for a challenge. She doesn’t want to take the easy route because there is no glory or honor in doing so. So she always expects you to do the same. She expects you to be able to challenge her to become better.

2. She expects you to trust her.

Trust is going to be very important to her in the relationship. Remember that she is perfectly capable of getting by on her own. But despite that, she is still willing to put her trust in you. So it’s reasonable for her to expect the same kind of trust from you.

3. She expects you to respect her.

Respect should be mandatory in any successful relationship. Whether she’s a strong or weak woman, you’re going to have to respect her because that’s the decent thing to do. But make no doubt about it: a strong and independent woman isn’t afraid to demand for the respect that she deserves.

4. She expects you to understand her need for independence.

She is going to want some occasional space and independence sometimes and you have to be willing to give it to her. She is so used to just doing things on her own and so you have to let her get back to her comfort zone. You just have to be able to trust that she’s always going to come back to you in the end.

5. She expects you to be able to keep up with her.

She’s not looking to date anyone who is dead weight. She’s not looking to be in a relationship with someone who is just going to benefit off of her hard work. She is a highly intense and driven person and you have to be able to match that yourself.


6. She expects you to see her on equal footing.

She doesn’t want to be above you. She doesn’t want to be below you. She wants you to act as equals in the relationship. She wants to establish a balance and harmony in your relationship that isn’t abusive or manipulative at all.

7. She expects you to make her laugh.

She is a very methodical person who tends to live her life very seriously. She isn’t going to have as refined a sense of humor as most others and so that’s where you need to step in. You have to be able to help her relax by giving her some comic relief every once in a while.

8. She expects you to police her whenever she screws up.

When she screws up, she expects you to call her out on it. She wants to make sure that you aren’t tolerant of her wrong ways. She wants you to be brave enough to tell her off whenever she is performing less than ideal.

9. She expects you to be smart.

You don’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, but it would help. You just have to be smart enough to be able to challenge or stimulate her intellectually. Otherwise, she is going to get bored of you fairly quickly and you don’t want that.

10. She expects you to be a gentleman.

And lastly, you must always make sure that you are acting like a perfect gentleman. She has neither the time nor patience for dating douchebags and immature losers.

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