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10 Things All Women Deserve In A Man

Life isn’t always going to give us everything we want. And that’s okay. That’s just how life is. We aren’t always going to have all our expectations met. But that’s why it’s always important for us to value the things that we do have. We learn how to take the things that life throws our way and we make the most out of them.

It’s essential that we are all able to learn the value of compromise in this world. We don’t live in a perfect world where everything is going to go our way. We are going to have to learn to settle for the things that we do have – and there is value to be had in that.

However, it’s also important for you to be able to draw the line. Yes, you can teach yourself to compromise and settle for certain things but you need to set boundaries for yourself. It can be convenient enough to just keep on settling for something even when it’s less than what you deserve.

And that’s bad. You should never have to settle for having a mediocre love life. Sure, no love is perfect. But that doesn’t mean that your love story should be anything less than magical. Love, in its purest form, will always have the power to change peoples’ lives. Love is something that you should never have to settle for. It’s supposedly the one thing that makes life worth living for. And so, you would never want it to be something simple and mediocre. You would always want it to be magical and full of meaning.

Yes, you should be willing to make compromises with the men that you’re with. You can’t be having unreasonable expectations after all. However, here are a few things that you are definitely deserving of from any man that you date; things that you should never be willing to give up or compromise in a relationship.

1. You deserve a man who is going to positively impact your life.

You deserve a guy who actually adds a sense of value to your life; not someone who takes away from who you are.

2. You deserve a man who misses you whenever you’re not around.

You deserve a man who WANTS you even when you’re not there. He should be someone who always craves for your presence; a guy who constantly wants to be around you.

3. You deserve a man who is always going to treat you with care.

He should always be treating you with the utmost care. He should be respecting you and loving you to the best of his abilities. He should never be reckless with the way that he interacts with you. He should always conduct himself like a true gentleman.

4. You deserve a man who challenges you to be better.

You deserve to be with a guy who actually makes you want to be better. He should be the kind of guy who encourages you to always improve as an individual because you want to be better for him and for yourself.

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