10 Things Guys Don’t Pay Attention To At All

One thing that really separates women from men is their innate inclination to care about what other people are thinking. Particularly in relationships, women are always thinking about what their partners think of them. Sometimes, it drives them crazy to keep pondering about what impressions they are giving off to their boyfriends. It makes them even more self-conscious because of how much their boyfriends mean to them. They never want to project any bad images of themselves to their boyfriends; they always want to be in their boyfriends’ good graces.

That’s why women tend to have very high attention to detail when it comes to doing things that would please their men. However, it can get to a point where she is already dealing with unnecessary stresses about things her man doesn’t even care about. In fact, all women should know that there are lots of things that you think are important; but they aren’t in the eyes of your guys. Here are a few things that guys rarely every pay attention to.

1. Your makeup prowess.

While ladies tend to spend an inordinate amount of time on their makeup, they should know that guys don’t really care about contouring and blushing. Typically, guys don’t really pay much attention to a girl’s makeup unless someone points it out. The other few times a guy will actually notice a woman’s makeup is if she happens to be wearing too much of it.

2. Your hobbies.

If you have the weirdest, strangest, and most peculiar hobbies, it shouldn’t be an issue. A guy will like you for being you and it shouldn’t matter what kind of activities interest you on your spare time. If you like to work out, to read, to write, or do any other thing that piques your interest, you should never feel like you have to hide it from your man. For the most part, he really doesn’t care much about it.

3. Your choice of restaurants.

As long as he gets his food, he’s happy. He doesn’t care much about the cuisine, the critics’ ratings, or the reputation. He just wants his delicious food served to him on a plate in a prompt manner. You shouldn’t really have to put much thought into pleasing him with your choice of restaurants for dates. To him, it’s all food, and food is always good.

4. Your friends’ impressions of him.

He’s trying to win over your affections, not your friends’ affections. For him, it’s only your opinion that matters, and if he knows that what he’s doing is what makes you happy, then he’s going to do it. He won’t care much about what your friends have to say about his character or his behavior so as long as it doesn’t affect your relationship. At the end of the day, you are always the priority to him.

5. Your shared or common interests.

To you, it may be important that you and your boyfriend have lots of similarities when it comes to hobbies, tastes, interests, and goals. And so you try to make some adjustments here and there so you guys can match. And also, you get devastated at the thought of you and your boyfriend having some differences. In truth, it really shouldn’t matter at all. He doesn’t care if you don’t share the same tastes in books or movies. To him, the differences are not enough to break the relationship.

6. Your desire to spend time with your friends.

Go on and spend lots of time with your friends. It doesn’t matter to him. In fact, a lot of guys are repulsed by overly clingy girlfriends. If you show your man that you still have a life outside of your relationship, then he would be very happy for you if he truly loved you. A loving boyfriend wouldn’t care if his girl spent a night out with her friends every once in a while.

7. Your desire to make the first move.

These days, there is a stigma against women who make the first move. The established tradition is that men should always make the first move when it comes to romance. But in reality, a man really doesn’t care about a woman making the first move. In fact, he might like it when a woman is straightforward and goes after what she wants.

8. Your idea that he wants to be in constant communication with you.

Nope. He doesn’t need to be constantly texting or talking to you over the phone when you’re apart. Nope. He doesn’t need to cuddle with you all day in bed and talk about everything under the sun. He really doesn’t mind taking a break from talking to each other once in a while. You shouldn’t feel compelled to always be in constant communication with him. He can survive on his own.

9. Your weight gain.

If you do gain weight, that shouldn’t be a problem (unless it starts affecting your health). It gets to a point wherein if a man loves you, your looks shouldn’t hold as much bearing as it once did.

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