10 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

Men have a variety of preferences in bed that they might not express openly. Inside every man, there’s a mix of both a grown-up king and an inner child. The kingly side craves respect and honor, while the inner child desires care and comfort, much like being cuddled like a teddy bear.

In a world often called a “man’s world,” there are a few things that guys desire from their girlfriends, which we’ve mistakenly seen as burdensome.

Here are ten things guys like in bed but won’t ask for:

1. Take The Lead

Guys enjoy when their partner takes charge sometimes. Initiating intimacy or suggesting new moves can make the experience exciting and fun. Leading the way shows enthusiasm and a willingness to explore their desires together.

2. Use Your Hands Too

Using your hands while getting close can make things even more exciting. Soft touches, exploring his body, or just holding him tight can make the bond stronger. Touching shows you’re really into it and feeling the passion in that moment.

3. Don’t Fake It

Guys appreciate genuine reactions and feelings. Faking pleasure can lead to misunderstanding. Being open about what feels good and what doesn’t helps build trust and creates a more satisfying experience for both partners.

4. Cuddle Him

Intimacy isn’t just about the act itself. Afterward, cuddling provides a comforting and affectionate connection. Guys love the warmth and closeness that comes from snuggling together, making them feel special and emotionally connected.

5. Communicate

Clear communication about desires and boundaries ensures both partners are on the same page. Guys value open conversations about fantasies, preferences, and any concerns. Having these talks brings you closer and makes the experience even better.

6. Participate

Active participation in the moment is a huge turn-on. Expressing enthusiasm makes the whole thing even more thrilling. Guys love knowing that their partner is genuinely enjoying the experience and is an equal participant.

7. Be Confident

Being confident is super appealing. When you feel sure of yourself and show you really want it, things can get really passionate. A partner who’s comfortable with their own body and sexy side can make the whole experience more fun and something to remember.

8. Try Out New Things

Going on a new adventure together can feel really amazing. Trying out different ways or things to do keeps the excitement alive. Guys like it when you make an effort to keep the bedroom fun and full of surprises.

9. Smell Nice

A pleasant scent make the experience even better. Guys like partners who smell good because it makes everything feel nicer and more attractive. Using light scents or natural smells can make the time together even more enjoyable.

10. Give Him Some Good Foreplay

Foreplay sets the stage for an amazing experience. Taking time to build anticipation, through kisses, touches, and teasing, intensifies the connection and pleasure. Guys love when their partner is invested in creating a passionate and satisfying encounter.

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  1. This goes for both sides not just men, women like all of those things also & some have a hard time asking.

  2. I guess it depends on the person, I’ve been most of these things and it’s just like hurry up…so idk about all these advice….it’s good but people are built differently.

  3. Nailed it!! Love this!
    Finding out what is his/her fantasy,
    make it even more exciting and acknowledge his / her wish
    Aloha 🌺 Leinani

  4. Not true because I do these things and more to my man and he goes to another woman and give her what I want for him

    1. Don’t sell yourself short. If he runs now he’ll continue to find validation with another woman. Be better do better don’t stay stuck woman

  5. Some of this is spot on but the rest he is not. I’m all for exploring and investing and even trying some real new things to add even more spice. I don’t know if it’s me or what…I just know he can activate me with just a look or smell of his cologne. He’s that special to me

  6. I remember when just his touch would melt me right to the ground. In the beginning, our sex life was the best I had ever had. Funny thing was, I was more expirenced than he was. So I showed him things that were new to him. We had the best time. Over the years, the intimacy has faded and now, there’s nothing left. 😓

  7. Very true… the confidence in the sex apeal is very intriguing. I for one love to take charge in bed and when my lady suddenly takes control it surprises me where i’m in awe and just allow her to do what she wants. It makes me want her more emotionally and physically.

  8. I agree with all of these things but more in the beginning of a relationship… things fizz out after life happens , it’s mostly the man who uses his wife as just a body… no effort needed they think, she’s my wife.,,stick in pump a few times and it’s over,.. men tend to use sex as a relaxing mechanism…

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