10 Things He Does If You’re Just A “Fling”

Dating nowadays can be confusing, especially when you’re not sure if someone sees you as a serious partner or just a temporary thing. There are some clear signs to look out for that tell you if you’re just a “fling” to someone. In this article, we’ll talk about ten behaviors that show you might not be their top priority in the long run.

Knowing these signs can help you figure out where you stand in the relationship and make choices that are right for you.

1. Limited Communication

If he’s treating you like just a “fling,” you might notice communication is sporadic. He’s not texting or calling consistently, and when he does, it’s often last-minute or late at night. It feels like he’s fitting you into his schedule rather than making you a priority.

2. Avoiding Deep Conversations

When you try to steer the conversation towards deeper topics or personal matters, he might dodge or change the subject. It’s as if he’s hesitant to invest emotionally and prefers to keep things light and surface-level.

3. Keeping Distance in Public

You might feel like he’s keeping his distance when you’re out together. He avoids any public displays of affection and prefers to keep your relationship under wraps, not introducing you to his friends or family.

4. Mixed Signals

One moment, he’s all over you, showering you with attention and affection. But the next, he’s distant and aloof, leaving you confused about where you stand. These mixed signals are a telltale sign that he’s not looking for anything serious.

5. Lack of Future Plans

When you bring up plans for the future, he’s evasive or non-committal. He might brush off discussions about upcoming events or holidays, indicating he doesn’t see you as a long-term part of his life.

6. No Effort to Know You

If he’s only interested in a fling, he probably won’t make an effort to get to know you on a deeper level. He might not remember important details about your life or show genuine curiosity about your interests, goals, or aspirations.

7. Inconsistency in Behavior

You’ll notice a lack of consistency in his behavior towards you. One day he’s charming and attentive, the next he’s distant and disengaged. This inconsistency reflects his ambivalence towards the relationship and suggests he’s not invested in building something meaningful.

8. Emphasis on Physical Intimacy

While physical attraction is important in any relationship, if it seems like that’s all he’s interested in, it’s a red flag. He might prioritize physical intimacy over emotional connection, showing little interest in spending quality time together outside of the bedroom.

9. Reluctance to Define the Relationship

If he dodges conversations about defining the relationship or labels it as “complicated,” it’s a sign he’s not looking for anything serious. He prefers to keep things vague to avoid commitment or responsibility.

10. Disregard for Your Feelings

In a casual fling, he may not prioritize your feelings or emotional well-being. He might ignore your texts for days or cancel plans without considering how it affects you, demonstrating a lack of empathy and respect for your emotions.

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