10 Things Men Don’t Know That Mean the World To Women

Do you ever notice a new haircut or a dress and compliment her, bringing up a wide smile on her face?

Little things like these are the essence of a relationship. Grand gestures cannot make a difference as big as the small ones. To keep making a difference, do these ten things; they mean the world to her coming from you.

  1. Helping Her in The Kitchen:

When it is her turn to cook and although she is not complaining but there is a lot to do with the kitchen being a mess, your slight help at that moment would make her love you more than ever. It is a little gesture but it implies a hundred things and she knows them all. So it is always a good idea to turn the TV off and move on to the kitchen to offer your services.

  1. Sending Her Cute Texts:

Especially after a long time into the relationship, random untimely texts with a romantic one-liner or a cheesy pickup line do the deed. Good morning and good night texts make even more difference, implying that even after being with them for so long, they are still the first person you think about in the morning and the last before going to sleep. You take out time for her and it means the world to her.

  1. Uploading Cute Pictures with Her:

Even if you are not the expressive kind of partner and do not like the world to see your love for your girlfriend/wife, uploading cute pictures with her once in a while is guaranteed to make her feel special. The show-off aspect of this act would make her happy; it says that you are proud to have her and would like the whole world (or at least your friend list) to see how happy she makes you. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Bringing Home Her Favorite Food:

We all let down our safe-diet guard when it comes to our favorite food and women, especially, tend to literally love food more than men as it is seen. So if you are passing by her favorite restaurant or deli, do not hesitate in buying her favorite sandwich or cake because there are zero chances she won’t jump out of happiness to see her favorite food in your hands when she opens the door. For the sake of that happiness, do it.

  1. Letting Her Wear Your Clothes:

Besides food and the many things that make her feel special and happy, wearing or even permanently borrowing your clothes means the world to her. Have you looked at her face when she comes out wearing your long shirt that completely hides her upper body and arms? Have you seen her feeling extra warm in your jacket? If you have not, do you even have a girlfriend?

  1. Taking Interest in Her Interests:

She started bingeing on a TV show and keeps talking about it all the time? Watch it with her, it will mean the world to her. Be it her favorite book or any kind of franchise, she would love you ten times more if you take interest in them like they mean to you what they mean to her. You will literally see her shifting on her feet to listen to your opinion about those things.

  1. Satisfactory Compliments:

Before going to a party, if she is fretting over her not-on-point makeup and is not content with her final look, one satisfactory compliment from you, the person she trusts the most, would mean the world to her. It is code red when we start doubting about our look just before going out, so with that compliment you will be doing a favor to both of you.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Helping Her Choose:

Women would choose men who help them with their shopping over men who don’t any day. It is a blessing, they consider, having a man who would rather share his taste with her while buying something instead of standing out of the shop showing complete disinterest in her decisions. If you help her choose between the two different shades of red, you are the guy.

  1. Caressing Her:

A little rub on the back after a long day, a cuddling session or running your fingers through her hair when she is lying close to you: these little caressing acts make her feel wonderful. Your touch says so much more than you can say. She might be drained of all the energy at the end of the day but holding hands with you before bed would give her enough energy to hope for a better tomorrow. You don’t know but your caresses mean the world to her.

  1. Taking The Relationship Seriously:

Planning dates, celebrating birthdays, being supportive and doing all the appropriate things at the appropriate time would make her fly. Dating and then taking the relationship with her seriously, when she takes it seriously too, of course, means the world to her. It is difficult to hold on to people but if you hold on to her, coming over every obstacle just to be with her, it would mean the world to her.

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