10 Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center of Attention

Narcissism is a trait that means someone thinks too much about themselves and always wants people to pay attention to them and say good things about them. People with these traits use different tricks to ensure everyone looks at them all the time.

In this article, we’ll talk about ten common tricks that narcissistic people use to make sure they are always the most important person in any group. These tricks range from talking about themselves a lot to using social media to get attention. By understanding these tricks, we can better deal with narcissistic people and learn more about how people’s minds work.

1. Using Excessive Charm to Attract Others

Narcissists have a knack for being excessively charming and charismatic. They use their charm to draw people in and make them feel special. They can be very engaging and charming when it serves their purpose.

2. Creating Drama and Stirring Conflict

To maintain the spotlight, narcissists often create drama and stir up conflict. They thrive on chaos and use it as a tool to draw attention to themselves. Their erratic behavior keeps others focused on their actions and reactions.

3. Flaunting Material Possessions

Narcissists use their material possessions to seek attention. They flaunt expensive cars, designer clothes, or lavish vacations as a way to showcase their status and wealth. This conspicuous display ensures all eyes are on them.

4. Interrupting and Dominating Conversations

Narcissists frequently interrupt others while they’re speaking. They dominate conversations, steering them toward their own interests and experiences. This behavior ensures they remain the central figure in discussions, disregarding the perspectives of others.

5. Craving Constant Approval and Fearful of Criticism

Narcissists seek validation from others as if it’s oxygen. They constantly need praise and admiration to fuel their self-esteem. On the flip side, they can’t handle criticism and often react defensively or angrily when confronted with it. This fear of criticism keeps the focus on them, as they try to avoid any negative attention.

6. Steering Conversations to Highlight Their Superiority

To ensure they remain the center of attention, narcissists manipulate conversations. They’ll subtly shift discussions towards topics where they can showcase their knowledge, experience, or accomplishments, making themselves appear superior in the process.

7. Exaggerating Achievements and Bragging Profusely

Narcissists tend to constantly talk about their own achievements, often blowing them out of proportion. They make grandiose claims to show themselves in the best light, whether it’s about their job, talents, or possessions.

8. Playing the Victim Card for Sympathy

Narcissists often play the victim to gain sympathy and attention. They’ll exaggerate minor inconveniences or portray themselves as unfairly treated. This tactic tugs at people’s heartstrings and keeps the spotlight on them as others rush to offer comfort and support.

9. Seeking Public Praise and Recognition

Narcissists actively seek public praise and recognition. They often place themselves in situations where they can receive awards, accolades, or public acclaim. This desire for public adoration ensures they are constantly in the spotlight.

10. One-Upmanship in Conversations

Narcissists engage in one-upmanship during conversations. No matter what someone else shares, they always have a story or experience that tops it. This competitive nature ensures they are the ones being talked about and admired for their achievements.

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