10 Things That Go Through A Man’s Mind When He Falls In Love

He is going to think of you as the greatest woman he has ever known.

Guys are often branded as the tougher and colder gender. They are seen as creatures who are made of stone who don’t let emotions or feelings get to them. But that is always going to be the wrong notion. Men are incredibly sensitive and emotional creatures. It’s just that some men are better at hiding what they feel than other people. They do this because they don’t want to be seen as vulnerable beings. They see emotions as points of weakness and they don’t want to give off a weak kind of vibe. And so while they may successfully portray an air of ruggedness, the fact still remains that they are suppressing a lot of what they feel inside. And these feelings are strong.

You have to know that while they put up a very stoic exterior, there are a million thoughts running through their head thoughts that concern their feelings and emotions. It’s all very intense whenever a man really falls in love with a woman. He starts to suddenly feel weak in the knees. His heart is going to be beating at an uncomfortable space. His breathing is going to be unsteady. He is going to get a taste of what it means to be anxious and stressed over another person. He is going to start experiencing a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. They often won’t know what to do to try to win over the affections of the women they are in love with.

So if you are still wondering what kind of thoughts run through the mind of your man, then this article is for you. He may not be the most expressive person in the world, but that doesn’t mean that his feelings for you aren’t real.

1. He is going to think of you as the greatest woman he has ever known.

He is practically going to envision you as a goddess. He is going to place you on a pedestal whether you are comfortable with it or not. He is going to see you as the greatest human being to have ever walked into his life.

2. He is going to constantly replay cherished moments that you share together.

He will find great joy and pleasure in thinking about all the valuable memories that you have with one another. He loves it whenever he’s with you because he knows that time spent with you is always an opportunity for making more memories.

3. He is going to think that every single thing that you do is amazing.

His infatuation is going to lead him to think that everything that you do is simply astonishing. He will be amazed with the way that you choose to live your life. You will be his greatest inspiration.

4. He is going to be frightened by his own feelings.

He is going to be greatly intimidated by his feelings for you. He doesn’t know what to make of the emotions that you are somehow evoking within him. He won’t know how to deal with them constructively and he will be greatly disoriented.

5. He is going to be thinking about your shared future together.

If a man truly falls in love with you, he is going to be exclusively seeing a future that has you in it. When he kisses you, he is going to able to taste the next 50 years of his life.

6. He is going to overthink a lot of the aspects of your relationship.

He is going to over analyze how he goes about making you fall in love with him. He is going to scrutinize all of his words and actions to an almost unhealthy point. He only does this because he wants to make sure that he doesn’t screw things up with you.

7. He is going to be stressed from thinking about the ways to make you happy.

A lot of his stress and anxiety is going to come about as a result of his extreme love for you. He is always going to be very caught up with thinking of ways to try to make you happier than you already are. Suddenly, your happiness is going to be a big priority for him.

8. He is going to see himself as a guy who isn’t worthy of you.

To go along with his exaggerated perception of your personality, he is going to completely undermine his own. He is going to see himself as a lowly creature who is far below what is worthy of your standards.

9. He is going to be thinking about what you’re doing whenever you’re not together.

Even when you’re not spending time together, he is going to be thinking about you. It’s always you that’s running through his mind because that’s just how important you are to him.

10. He is going to think about the ways to spend more time with you.

He is going to be dreaming up creative date ideas. He is going to be practicing some of his lines for conversation pieces. He is going to go over every single detail about when he is next going to be with you.

Men, do you agree?

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