10 Things That Happen In Your Relationship Which Mean That It Isn’t Love

There’s one very important question that you need to ask yourself: Is it really love? Read on to find out.

You argue even over the simplest things.

There’s no point in arguing over the little things. Yes, there is always room for healthy arguments and conflicts in a relationship. But when there are certain things that either of you can just let go, you should just let it go. Not all fights are worth having. And frankly, the unnecessary petty fights that you have are only driving the both of you further apart.

Your partner emotionally abuses and harms you.

You seem to have a partner who is fond of abusing you – and remember that abuse can take its shape in various forms. It doesn’t always have to be physical. If you feel like your partner is constantly manipulating you and using your own feelings against you, then that’s a sign of emotional abuse. And where there is emotional abuse, there is no love at all.

You can’t go on a night out with your friends without your partner texting you all night.

There is a difference between being protective and being needy. One has to do with love, and the other merely has to do with attachment. You should both still be able to live your own individual lives despite being in a loving relationship with each other.

But if your partner can’t seem to allow you to live your life the way that you want to without butting in all the time, then it’s probably because the love isn’t real. It’s merely a person’s attachment to the idea of being with you.

Your partner threatens to leave you all of the time.

Threats and ultimatums should never have to exist in a loving relationship. There is no room for such things in a budding romance. When you threaten your partner just to get what you want, it’s a very immature and lazy way to go about communication and conflict resolution. You shouldn’t be using your love and relationship as some kind of bargaining chip.

You never feel like doing anything or going anywhere together.

There is no spark or life in your relationship. There is no vigor and enthusiasm. You’re both just rolling with the punches. You’re letting the waves take you wherever they want to take you. You don’t really feel like actively doing anything to make sure that your passion for one another keeps growing and growing. You’re merely content with just being spectators in your own relationship.

You feel like your partner pressures you into rushing through the relationship.

You should never be pressured into doing anything that you might want to do in a relationship. When you’re in a truly loving romance, you need to be able to understand each other’s pace and boundaries. Your partner should respect the pace at which you’re comfortable moving in. They shouldn’t be forcing you into things that you’re not ready for. That’s just plain selfishness – and you can’t always be selfish in love.

You find yourselves incapable of having a healthy and mature argument.

Part of being in a loving relationship is being able to meet each other halfway whenever disagreements or conflicts arise. Despite your differences, true love should be able to prevail; it should still be able to bring you two closer together despite your disagreements. And when you seem incapable of compromising and meeting one another halfway, then it’s probably because the love isn’t as strong as it should be.

You make important decisions without consulting one another beforehand.

True love is a genuine partnership. You and your partner have to make an effort to always communicate with one another so that you can tackle life’s problems together. That’s the point of being in a relationship in the first place. You have someone you can turn to for support and companionship. And so when you constantly make decisions without consulting one another, are you really even still in love?

You nag about your relationship all day long.

You are always complaining to someone about your relationship. It’s normal to have a few complaints about your relationship here and there. No relationship is perfect after all. But you know that the situation isn’t good when you find yourself just complaining about he state of your relationship all the time. Even your friends are probably getting tired of listening to you nag.

You can’t seem to get along with each other’s friends and families.

Of course, you don’t have to be in love with your partner’s friends and family. And you shouldn’t expect them to be the same way with your family too. We are all different after all and we tend to rub people the wrong way sometimes. We can’t please everybody. But it’s a different thing entirely when you just aren’t motivated to play nice with the people in your partner’s life. You should at least make the effort to be civil.

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