10 Things That Your Boyfriend Wants You To Know But Won’t Tell You

Your boyfriend wants you to know…

Men and women are from completely different planets. So it should come to no one’s surprise that sometimes, men and women don’t exactly see eye to eye in relationships. It can be particularly more stressful for women because men aren’t known to be the more expressive gender. While women typically have little problems when it comes to expressing their feelings, men aren’t always going to be as open and as transparent. So there will be a lot of times where you might not necessarily know what your boyfriend wants from you especially when he doesn’t open up to you. He shouldn’t really expect you to be a mind-reader, but what can you do? He’s just like that. And you’re left to wallow in the dark when it comes to his feelings.  

And that can prove to be a substantial challenge in this relationship. When two people aren’t in-sync with one another, then some possible misunderstandings and miscommunications can arise. And when that happens, conflict can take its toll in a relationship. So you have to make sure to always improve your communication game if you want to stay together for a long time.

But you also can’t really expect your man to be open to you so easily about what they expect from you in a relationship. There are some things that he might already just expect you to know already. And he wouldn’t want to overstep his bounds either by demanding things from you. There are some things that should already be innate and you need to make sure that you already know about them. So if you want to ensure that your relationship actually goes all the way, then make an effort to make yourself aware of what your man needs from you.

And if he just doesn’t want to open up, then you don’t have to worry. That’s what this article is for. You just have to make sure that you read all of the items listed on here so that you can better understand your man and you can take the next step towards being a better girlfriend to your partner.

 Here are 10 things that your boyfriend wants you to know but won’t tell you.

1. He occasionally wants to spend time alone or with his friends without you.

It’s not that he doesn’t love you. It’s just that he still values his individuality as well. He also has a life outside of the relationship and he occasionally wants to take a break from being with you all of the time.

2. He doesn’t really expect you to always look nice for him, but he appreciates the effort.

He loves it when you try to look your best for him whenever you can. But he also wants you to know that he would love you regardless of how you look.

3. He is going to say the wrong thing all the time and he needs you to be patient.

He isn’t perfect. And he really doesn’t know what to do half of the time in a relationship. He’s going to do his best, but he’s going to stumble sometimes and you have to be patient with him.

4. He wants you to take the lead every now and then.

He doesn’t always want to have to be the one who makes all the calls in the relationship. He would appreciate it if you actually made the effort to steer the ship every once in a while.

5. He doesn’t know how to read minds either.

It may seem hypocritical of him to expect you to not expect him to be a mind reader. But that’s just the plain truth. He’s more clueless than you are a lot of the time, so he needs you to fill him in.

6. He doesn’t want to have to call and text you all day.

He values communication with you, but that doesn’t mean that he always wants to be calling and texting you. Sometimes, some time apart from talking to one another can do you some good.

7. He hates it whenever you bring up his past mistakes.

He hates it whenever you still hold things over his head. He hates it when you bring up past mistakes. He hates it when you hold grudges.

8. He doesn’t want you to expect him to change.

He wants you to be able to love and appreciate him the way that he is. Yes, he is a flawed and imperfect person and he knows it. But he hopes that you can love him despite his flaws.

9. He isn’t always going to be interested in the things that you’re passionate about and he hopes you can be okay with that.

You’re both different people. You both have different interests and passions. And sometimes, you won’t always be interested in each other’s passions and that’s okay. You should still be independent people outside of your healthy relationship.

10. He hates it when you compare him to other guys.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from a place of love. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t meant to hurt him. He still gets hurt whenever you start comparing him to other men in your life. He especially hates it when you compare him to exes.

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