10 Things To Remember Before You Have Sex With An Introvert

Ever been with an introvert?

When it comes to opening up and being vulnerable towards another person, we are all probably aware by now that that isn’t necessarily going to be an introvert’s strong suit. They aren’t always going to find it all too easy to establish a sense of intimacy with other people.

Yes, introverts tend to be very smart and introspective. But that’s just the thing. Their comfort zones tend to reside within the confines of their own minds. They are more experienced at thinking about love than they are at actually expressing it. So you have to make sure to be as patient as you can whenever you’re in a relationship with an introverted person.

However, you shouldn’t lose hope just yet. Introverted people are still capable of engaging in intimacy and affection. You just have to know how to be able to bring it out of them. You have to keep in mind that it isn’t that they’re not emotional creatures. In fact, they feel emotions at such a deep and intense level. It’s just that they tend to keep those feelings to themselves a lot – and that’s why you might not really be feeling their love even though they do love you.

And when it comes to sex, well, that’s a whole different thing. And there are a few important things that you really need to keep in mind before you have sex with an introvert.

1. An introvert values honesty over romance.

An introvert really knows how to kill the mood – and it’s mostly going to be with their favorite weapon: honesty. Yes; sometimes, nothing just kills the mood quite like honesty. But that’s how they are. They aren’t really fond of fake and sappy romances that aren’t grounded in truth.

2. Stressful situations and highly stimulating environments can kill an introvert’s mood.

Sometimes, social anxiety can get the best of an introvert. They can find it really exhausting to be thrust into high-pressure social situations, and sometimes, that can leave them feeling too drained to have sex.

3. Deep conversations about complex topics can serve as foreplay for an introvert.

An introvert is going to be deeply aroused by intelligence and depth. So don’t be surprised if having deep talks about the most complex issues and topics that you could think of will eventually lead to the two of you having sex. It’s a great way to get an introvert into the mood.

4. The more you let an introvert talk, the more animated they become.

When they really get into a discussion, then they will start to open up to you. And it’s important for you to keep that momentum going by never interrupting them. They are usually the listener, not the sharer, in a conversation. And so if they are actually starting to yap away, then let them do so.

5. Do not engage in small talk with an introvert.

It has been previously mentioned that having deep and intellectual conversations can be a big turn on for an introvert. You have to know that the converse is also true. Talking about shallow issues and topics that carry no intellectual depth can quickly put them out of the mood.

6. An introvert is never going to fake an orgasm.

You are always going to be able to tell when an introvert is satisfied with your sexual performance or not. They are going to make it evident even as you’re doing it. They won’t be the types to fake satisfaction. They are always going to keep their reactions as real and authentic as possible.

7. It’s highly likely that introverts will not enjoy having sex with other introverts.

It’s always recommended that you be an extrovert if you really want to make an introvert feel comfortable when having sex. An introvert trying to seduce another introvert would be dysfunctional.

8. An introvert is going to secretly criticize how you move in the bedroom as you’re doing it – and they will tell you what they think after.

They are going to judge you. But that’s okay. How else are you going to learn anyway? Just make sure that you don’t take it too personally. They are only trying to help you out.

9. An introvert is going to be open to you discussing your needs in the bedroom.

As you may already know, an introvert is always a great listener. And they are always going to be open to you discussing what you need from them in the bedroom. They won’t find it awkward at all. You just have to make sure that you approach it in a sensitive manner.

10. Introverts can be really creative in the sack when they want to be.

Remember that the introvert has a pretty powerful mind. And if you let them, they are going to be able to come up with some of the most creative and wildest ideas for the both of you to try to spice up your sex life.

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