10 things to say to your partner instead of I love you

For those of you who are habitual of using this phrase quite frequently, where it doesn’t lose meaning, it doesn’t have the same effect either. Even though there’s nothing wrong with it, it’d be great to mix it up a bit. Maybe tell them what you especially love about them. It’d show that you’ve actually made an effort rather than just saying I love you’ out of routine. It could also prove to be stimulating for both of you.

So here are a few things you could say to surprise them instead of simply saying ˜I love you’:

1. I effing love you.

Everything prefixed with the f-word tends to have a certain impact. And you say it with a certain vigor as well. There’s no better way of saying something you actually mean. Swearing does a great job at that!

2. My love for you grows with each passing day

Love does grow with time. So saying this would show that you do acknowledge this fact and also notice it. You could always add something to it. For instance, how you’ve grown to love some habit of theirs, or the way they talk when they’re excited and so on.

3. You can make me laugh like no one else

Having a sense of humour is great, but having a clever sense of humor is even better. It helps keeping things on the lighter side. In long term relationships, we tend to take certain things for granted. We grow out of the habit of mentioning the things we love about our partners. So this would not only serve as a reminder and a compliment but the ˜no one else’ part makes it all the more special. You’ll notice how they focus on making you laugh even more frequently as a result.

4. I love the way your body flirts with my mind’ Alfredo Cano

Make sure they know exactly how much you crave their body. Yes, there are things more important than the body and it may seem superficial to some people. But at some point in your relationship, things like these become equally important. You’re both sure of how you feel about each other. Why not assure them that you also want them.

5. You’re the only person I’d be willing to put up with every day

Everyone has those days when you just don’t feel like dealing with anything. You don’t want to be around anyone. And you can’t be bothered with anything or anyone for that matter. The only person whose presence doesn’t bother you even then is theirs. This is the probably the most meaningful thing you could ever say to them and it’d be received very with gratitude as well.

6. How much you love watching them do something they’re passionate about

For some people, it is these very things that bring them together. It’s a great idea to keep revisiting the very moments you felt something for the first time. It conveys the admiration you have for them, and could possibly stir something in them too.

7.  love our conversations as much as the quietude

It takes some time and effort to build something with someone, where silence becomes comfortable. You are capable of understanding their silence like you understand their words. And the silence isn’t awkward at all; it’s actually serene in its own way.

8. I don’t know how, you’ve become more attractive over time

Deny it all you want, but we’re all concerned with the way we look; especially when we’re growing old with someone. You’re always worried about them losing interest in you. You’re always worried if they still find you attractive or not. Put them out of their misery. Tell them exactly what has gotten better with age. You’ll see how their face lights up!

9. I love our rendezvous’

Like everything else, monotony in the bedroom (or outside) isn’t appreciated as much either. Experiment! Act out your fantasies. Do whatever you’re comfortable with and keep it anew.

10. You’re hot.

You admire the way they look, but don’t seem to mention that as often or don’t compliment them as much either. So it’d be a good idea to tell them that instead of the so-often-used phrase. It’s a good thing to remind them that you find them attractive. You don’t just look good, you look absolutely amazing and I can’t seem to take my eyes off you translates more or less into you’re so effing hot! (Not just hot, superlative degree of hot!).

Well these are just a few things you could use. Get creative. Come up with something eccentric. Make them laugh. Make them listen to what you’re saying and make sure they feel it too!


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