10 things women find unattractive in men

If you’re a guy who is particularly having a very difficult time trying to connect with a woman, then maybe you are guilty of a few of these things.

Women can be such a mystery. That’s why it’s a struggle for many men to connect with a woman on an emotional and psychological level. Both genders tend to operate on separate wavelengths, which can cause great synergy or disaster. Fortunately for men, some universal standards hold to most women. There are some characteristics that they all share together, especially when it comes to their taste in men.

If you’re a guy who is particularly having a very difficult time trying to connect with a woman, then maybe you are guilty of a few of these things. Take this article as a stepping stone for you to up your game with the ladies. If you find yourself guilty of some of the items on this list, then you need to make the necessary adjustments to find luck in your love life. Here are the 10 things about men that most women find very unattractive.

1. Men who take their fitness regimen too seriously.

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This may seem counterintuitive, but it gets a little more complicated than that. Women love it when men care for their bodies by eating healthy and working out. However, it gets weird whenever a man forgets to live his life because he’s practically living at the gym already. A couple of hours worth of working out each day should be enough. Any time more than that might be pushing the envelope a little bit.

2. Men who have limited ambition and motivation.

This shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone. Women like ambitious men who have the necessary drive to excel in life. Any lady wouldn’t want to be attached to a man just coasting through life without ambition. A real man has goals, dreams, a serious work ethic, and dedication.

3. Men who take metrosexuality to the next level.

Again, this may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Women love it when a man can take care of himself. A smart woman will always appreciate a man who puts effort into his grooming and his looks. However, when a man takes longer showers and prep times than a woman, that could cause concern.

4. Men who don’t put effort into choosing what to wear.

Men, you should always be conscious of your appearance, especially when you’re out with your girl. A woman wants you always to look presentable because she will probably exert as much effort to look good by your side. If you’re really clueless about fashion, start reading up on blogs or ask her for advice on your clothes.

5. financially irresponsible Men.

A man who doesn’t know how to value his money is practically a child. Every man should develop a sense of financial responsibility as they grow older. It would be irresponsible for any woman to get with a man who doesn’t know how to care for money. This trait intensifies in importance as your relationship gets more serious and you grow to become an adult.

6. Men who are flirting machines.

Stop flirting with every woman that you see on the streets. It can be a big turn-off for the girls interested in you. You’re just asking for trouble if you’re practically ogling any woman with legs. Stop being so desperate to put your male libido on display. Be subtle in your courtship of women. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a douche-bag.

7. Men who are too narcissistic.


Stop being so conceited. Remember that Narcissus fell into a lake and died because he was too obsessed with his reflection. You should start developing a sense of thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Be more mindful of others and how they feel. Not everything will be about you; you must learn that early on. Nobody likes a diva.

8. Men who get jealous and possessive.

It’s okay to get playfully jealous whenever you’re interested in a girl. That’s part of human nature. However, it’s entirely different when you act on your jealousy. You’re not entitled to anything or any person, for that matter. Especially if you aren’t in an official relationship yet, there’s no point in acting jealous or possessive.

9. Men who don’t understand what it means to be a gentleman.

Be chivalrous at all times. Show women that the culture of the gentlemanly class has not died and that you are its champion. You should always be willing to treat your woman like a queen. Be as strong and as dedicated as a knight in shining armor.

10. Men who can’t make women laugh.

Learn how to have a sense of humor. Many women will tell you that having a boyfriend who can make them laugh will always be a priority when selecting a potential mate. If you can’t make your girl happy, you’ll have problems.

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  1. Clothes, really? That’s pretty superficial, there is more to a real man than meets the eye. I don’t judge anyone based on how they dress. They are but just that, clothes.

    1. Sorry dude. Presentation does matter. You can live on hot dogs or steaks, but do you want either of them served to you on the lid of a garbage can?

  2. I think the way in which it’s depicted is a bit over the top regarding clothes. Yes dress nice for dates, maybe wear something casual but presentable for the general day to day going out for shopping etc. A quick dash out to get milk or something, if you don’t have holes in the worst possible places like the personal regions. So what, wear your daggy clothes. At home being comfortable is super a thing, who wants to get dressed up just to snuggle on the couch? But wearing something nice at home just to look good for your partner is also wonderful. It’s not just men who like seeing their person in something nice when it’s just them together.

  3. Hey bud it’s not about your clothes it’s about looking presentable for the occasion… and just because you are a little old doesn’t mean you have to dress like some old man clothes..: yeah that shit has to go at least try to be a little trendy

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