10 Things Women in their 40s Wish They Knew Before

40 is a time when most people have set their priorities straight. Life is a harsh teacher, by the time a person is 40, they have discovered themselves. I am sure men feel the same way as any woman is her forties.

Life is full of regrets, but every regret teaches us a valuable lesson. There are numerous things a woman in her forties wish she knew before, some of these things are listed below.

1. Love yourself unconditionally

One kind of regret that most women in their 40’s encounter is, that ˜I should have loved and accepted myself fully.’ They feel that loving themselves would have saved them a lot of trouble, and prevented them from taking all wrong decisions they took in their lives. If we want to feel loved, we should love ourselves first.

Only then would we be able to be truly happy. When we don’t love and accept ourselves fully we tend to accept abuse, mistreatment, and rejection as if it were something normal and not to be taken too seriously. We let people abuse us. Once you know this person inside you better, you begin to love yourself.

Which, in turn, will make you love and accept others too, and will promote healthy relationships with people.

2. Learn who you really are

Learn more about what interests you, whatever excites you, discover your ˜own’ passions rather than blindly following someone else. Try out new things until you discover something that gives you a sense of warmth, gratification, and happiness inside.

3. Accept your shortcomings

We all have our positives and negatives. We all have our shortcomings, instead of not accepting them, try to overcome them. Let your weaknesses strengthen you. Don’t underestimate what you are capable of just because you have few shortcomings. You are much capable than you think you are, all you have to do is believe in yourself. – Continue reading on next page

4. Find a strong support group

One can’t survive alone. You can’t do everything all by your self, you need a little help from others. At some point in your life, you will realize the need to have a strong support network. People you feel safe and comfortable with, people you can share just anything and everything with. These people won’t judge you or criticize you for who you are, such relationships prove to be important in life, as they are the ones who offer you love and support when times are though.

5. Live for your self, not to please others

When too much time is spent taking care of someone else’s needs, you realize you have no time for yourself. Whatever your motives are, or reasons might be for putting everyone else’s happiness before your own.

You just need to realize one thing and that it’s not possible for you to make everyone happy. Once you stop focusing on making other people happy, you start thinking about yourself, about what is important to you, and what makes your life better. Remember, the happier you are, the happier the people around you will be.

6. Don’t waste your life worrying

Life is too short as it is. Don’t waste it worrying about something you can’t change. Since you can’t change it you might as well stop fretting. What is bound to happen will happen. Worrying about it won’t change anything. Might as well accept it and move on try to look at the bright side of things.

7. Travel more

To travel is to live, they say. Traveling relaxes you and calms your nerves. We get so busy doing things in our daily lives that we don’t get time to stop and appreciate things that life has to offer. Traveling offers you a break from a monotonous lifestyle and changes the mindset of having to live in a bubble.

Travel not only creates a sense of freedom but also let you explore different parts of the world with different traditions, food, and culture with exotic places. This experience develops unwavering confidence; you would be a better stronger person.В – Continue reading on next page

8. Expect less

If you really want to be happy and content with your life, then you should never ever expect anything from anyone. Instead of putting your expectations in people, believe in your self. Throw your insecurities in the garbage if you can.

You grow up fantasizing about the good old ˜Prince Charming’, who will sweep you off your feet, and you both will live happily ever after. Trust me when I say this life is not a fairy tale it’s a constant struggle and fight. You will get hurt, as these expectations are merely fantasy and not at all real.

Grow above expecting things in return from people you were generous with and live a hassle free life.

9. Don’t compare your life with othersВ В 

One lesson I have learned in my life, is never compare your life with the life your best friend lives or anyone else for that matter. People are fond of posting everything on Facebook, some of these things aren’t even true; you can’t estimate a person’s happiness by the stuff that he/she is posting on Facebook.

Even if they are genuinely happy, you should not compare your life with them. When you compare yourself with them it does nothing except demeaning your self-worth. You might be going through a rough phase in life and everyone goes through them. I would advise people to appreciate and be thankful for what they have in life, instead of complaining about what they don’t.

Set your goals and keep moving forward.

10. Don’t compromise too much

Compromising is good when it’s done equally on both sides. If you start giving up your needs and wants in a relationship, and change your personality for the sake of the person you love something is definitely wrong.

It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship and decide if it’s really worth your compromises.

Remember it’s never too late to take initiative and change; you have to be the best of your self in order to live a content, more successful life!

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