10 Things You Do Which Make You Vulnerable To Getting Played

Don’t get played.

There’s no shame in getting played once. Maybe it’s even okay to get played twice. But when you’re constantly being victimized in a relationship to the point where you are getting played every single time, then maybe you’re the problem who needs fixing. You have to consider the possibility that your relationships always end in these disastrous situations is because you allow them to happen; or maybe you even willingly put yourself in harm’s way a lot of the time. That has to change. You really have to start making sure that you don’t put yourself in the position to play the victim anymore.

Maybe there are some facets to your personality that need to change. Maybe you have to start revisiting your approach to love and relationships as a whole. How do you do that? Well, that’s up to you. You know your personality the best and only you can make a decision that would work for you. But of course, if you need some guidance, then this article is here for you. Here are just some things that you might be doing which are causing you to always play the victim in a manipulative relationship.

1. You don’t listen to the advice of your girlfriends.

Heed the advice of your closest girlfriends. They’re experienced and so they probably know what you’re going through. Also, it pays to have some outside perspective every once in a while. You may be a little too close to things to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Always make sure that you take your friends’ advice.

2. You never learn from the mistakes that you make in old relationships.

You are always committing the same mistakes over and over again because you just refuse to learn from them. You are always screwing up because you don’t take the time to assess what you’re doing wrong in these relationships. You just keep putting yourself in positions of failure because you don’t really make any real changes.

3. You act out of desperation to find love.

Sometimes, out of desperation, you will rush into a love even though it’s toxic and abusive. You will go into a love just because you’re desperate to be in a relationship; even if it means that the love that you’re entering is one that is really bad and toxic. Desperation should never be an acceptable form of motivation for getting into a relationship.

4. You are too trusting of the people who you are interested in.

You don’t give trust to people who don’t earn it. You should never do that. You should only give trust to people who actually put in the time and effort to earn it from you. You can’t be too trusting towards people who don’t really give you any reason to trust them.

5. You are always attracted to the same type of people.

Maybe the reason you keep putting yourself in bad relationships is because you keep attracting the same types of people. You are always getting into relationships with men who are prone to abuse and manipulation. You breed a toxic relationship environment because you always attract yourself to toxic guys.

6. You are too forgiving and lenient whenever a guy plays you.

If you don’t put up with a man’s bullish behavior, then you can act as a deterrent to potentially hazardous behavior in the future. If you act too forgiving and lenient, you will gain a reputation for being someone who is easy to use and abuse. Men will see you as a target for their pleasurable desires.

7. You don’t pay attention to your instincts.

You don’t really listen to your gut and that’s why you keep luring yourself into these unfortunate situations. Your instincts are doing their best to look out for you, but you just refuse to listen to them.

8. You always make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior.

You shouldn’t be making excuses for your partner’s bad behavior. Call a spade a spade. Tell your partner whenever he’s doing something wrong and tell him to fix it. Don’t be lenient. Don’t be a pushover. Don’t let him get away with his bad behavior and you shouldn’t be defending it either. He should be making a conscious effort to be a better man for you because you demand it from him.

9. You love others more than you love yourself.

Before you can have other people love you the way that you deserve, you really have to love yourself first. You have to show people that you are a person worth loving with how you treat yourself. If you have no self-respect, then it will be hard for others to respect you too.

10. You don’t think before you act.

You are impulsive. You let your heart lead the way and that’s why you always end up heartbroken. Be rational. Let your head take the lead every once in a while. Be smart about it and stop being so stupid.

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