10 Things You Lose When You Stay In A Relationship With Someone Who’s Bad For You

You’ll eventually lose yourself.

We’re all familiar with the stories of couples who are bad for each other and yet refuse to break up. These are the kinds of relationships that are toxic, destructive, and downright unhealthy to be in. Now you can’t blame these people for wanting to stay in bad relationships. Perhaps they are just frightened at the thought of having to go back to the single life and facing the world alone. Perhaps they think that their relationship problems are temporary and are still fixable. Whatever the case, bad relationships exist, and they will continue to exist so as long as there are flawed human beings in the world.

As with anything that you want to make work, you are always choosing to commit yourself to something that you want to happen. In relationships, when you commit to another person, whether it’s the good or bad kind of commitment, you are choosing to compromise other aspects of your life.

The key in relationships is figuring out whether your commitments are worth compromising some things over. One thing is for sure though, not a lot of people would want to compromise important aspects of their lives for the sake of saving a bad relationship. Here are the most common things that you are compromising when you stay in a bad relationship with someone.

1. Your own personal time.

This is probably the most important thing that you are compromising when you choose to stay in a bad relationship with someone. When you are in a relationship, you are always giving in to the concept of shared time. Your time is no longer entirely your own. This time could be spent pursuing your passions or doing things you love. Instead, you are devoting your time to a relationship that’s going downhill.

2. Your finances.

Relationships are expensive and anyone who says otherwise is lying. There are plenty of things that you could be spending your money on that don’t concern your relationship. In fact, think of the amount of money you could be saving if you weren’t spending for two people. What makes this even more unfortunate is that you’re wasting your money on something that isn’t making you happy.

3. Your personal space.

You no longer get as much alone time as you want. Similar with the concept of shared time, you also have to give in to the concept of shared space in a relationship. Even if it’s a bad relationship, you are still going to have to give up a lot of your personal boundaries for the sake of preserving your union. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Your quality time with your family.

Holidays that could be spent with your family will have to be spent with your significant other. You are willingly choosing to give up time with your family for a relationship that just isn’t good for you.

5. Your quality time with your friends.

That night out with your friends? Not an option because you have dating obligations. You are always going to be made to choose your partner over your friends and that’s sad. It’s sad because your relationship with your friends is probably not toxic and destructive like your romantic relationship actually is.

6. Your personal principles.

You have your own sense of morals and ethics. You have your principles when it comes to love, friendship, and romance. However, for the sake of preserving your relationship. You are going to choose to overlook your principles and compromise them. You are going to have to turn a blind eye to your moral code if you want to stay in this bad relationship.

7. The prospect of meeting the one who’s really meant for you.

Another important thing that you are compromising when you choose to stay in a bad relationship with someone is the chance to go out and find an actual good relationship. How can you go out and date people who could be good for you if you are tying yourself down to this person who just isn’t right for you? – Continue reading on the next page

8. Passionate sex.

Sex is an important aspect of any relationship. It is also a direct manifestation of the emotional connection that two people have between one another. If you and your partner have a really bad emotional connection, then it is highly likely that you will also have a very bad sex life. You will be deprived of the wonders of having mind-blowing sexual adventures with a partner you could actually be compatible with.

9. A mind that’s at ease.

You are always stressed out in a bad relationship. You are constantly anxious and worried that your relationship will crumble beneath your feet. You never have that sense of security that you would get in a real and healthy relationship with a good partner.

10. Your objective perspective on things.

You will be blinded to the truth. You will force yourself to believe in the lies that your mind is creating on your behalf. You will trick yourself into actually believing that your bad relationship is good for you even when it really isn’t. 

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