10 Things You Need to Know About Cancerian Woman

Cancerians are thought of as mamas and papas of the zodiac and Cancerian women, all the more so for good reason.

Cancerians are thought of as mammas and papas of the zodiac and Cancerian women, all the more so for good reason. They are unpredictable creatures with a soft, chewy interior but a hard exterior, exactly like the crab, which symbolizes them. Cancerian women are one of their kind:

Guarded yet vulnerable, dependable yet extremely moody, adaptable yet hesitant towards change, difficult to understand yet an open book at the same time.

Your Cancerian woman is the one you wish to have as a friend, because she always listens and tries to understand without any judgements; as a life partner because she knows the rules of compromise and support inside out; as your wall to lean on because she readily forgets about her own troubles and carries your weight of problems for you. She not only remains in love but loves hard and knows how to be in love. Despite her calm and cool faГ§ade, there is a storm of emotions forever raging within her; but because of her habit to bottle things up, you’ll rarely notice.

Interesting with a lot of layers to her charismatic personality, the Cancerian woman does have some dominating traits you should know before getting involved with these brutally loyal and sensitive creatures.

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1. They’re Guarded Yet Sensitive

Cancerian women are extremely guarded and reserved, much like the crab what with its hard exterior through which not much penetrates. But deep down, they’re really sensitive creatures who easily hurt. It’s not every day they let someone in their life. A Cancerian woman doesn’t give her heart’s key to just anyone, but those lucky enough to receive it see past their calm and tact exterior to their passionate interior.

Because of their reserved and guarded personality, Cancerian women are often considered careless but they care the most. They just don’t show it, always remaining a level of mystery about them beneath that course exterior

2. They’re Moody

The moodiest people to ever exist, Cancerians are symbolized by the moon. Just as the moon changes its phases, the Cancerian woman changes her mood. These mood swings often get the best of her but she’s able to get out of them just as fast as she got in them. It doesn’t matter what the task at hand is if your Cancer woman isn’t in the mood, she won’t do it.

3. They Make Ideal Friends/Partners

Cancerian women are the ones that not only listen to you cry your heart out but cry alongside you. Everyone craves a listening ear and someone to care for them. Because of their intuitiveness, they’re inherently nurturing. Their ability to see the best in you makes you appreciate yourself more. Fiercely loyal, protective and possessive for their loved ones, Cancerian women make the best of friends and lovers. Relationships are sacred to the Cancerian woman; hence she tries more than her best to fulfil them correctly. She knows that indeed, love is a doing word and it’s fearless on her breath.

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4. They Crave Stability

Despite her hunger for adventures and taking risks, by the end of the day, the Cancerian woman wants nothing more than a sense of security and stability from her loved ones. She is sensitive with an utmost need of assurance that she’s loved. After all, it seems only fair when she puts her all for others.

5. Home is where the heart is

Cancerian women idealise the concept of home, mainly because they need a sense of stability and security. Being staunch introverts, they’d rather spend a night in watching a movie with you than go out shopping. Well, mostly anyway. Sometimes called ‘homebodies’, Cancerian women are your perfect match when it comes to being a foodie and having a knack for cooking. Indeed, for Cancerian women, home is where the heart is.

6. They Dislike Confrontations

Being super sensitive, some harsh words cut deeper in a Cancer woman’s heart than intended. They fear losing a loved one; they crave total stability and security so confrontation’s a nightmare for Cancerian woman, simply because it poses a threat to the safe home she builds around that person and because it creates a perfect platform for those harsh words to cut deeper into her heart.

However, when confrontations become inevitable, the Cancerian woman chooses to shut herself off completely, going back into her shell and blaming herself for opening up in the first place.

7. They’re Great Manipulators

Cancerian women are great manipulators, knowing just how to get what they want. This also lessens their need for confrontations.

8. They’re Stuck in the Past

When the past comes knocking on their shoulder, the Cancerian woman cannot help herself to just walk on, she has to look back. She lives in the past because she cherishes those moments so much, they ought to be relived in again amidst the emotional chaos in her soul.

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9. They Survive

You might come to think based on their tender and sensitive side, these caring creatures are delicate, like a flower. Maybe they are, you never know, for they keep themselves protected from the world beneath their hard shells. They are not flowers, but weeds; they know how to survive. Expect your Cancerian woman to think outside the box, coming up with surprising ways to survive even when the whole world around them comes crumbling down.

10. They Can’t Let Go

Ever see how a crab latches on to something? It holds on with the hooks of its ˜hands’ so tightly, it takes quite some time to let go. Similarly, the Cancerian woman is clingy sometimes a bit too much. She puts her best in everything, hence she knows she might not get something equally good again. So she holds on fiercely whether it’s ideas, people, objects or habits. Cancerian women are super clingy that way. In the same pretext, it’s hardest for her to move on from something in the past. She can’t seem to let go.

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    1. Cancer, that means he’s the nurturing type. And you’re the creative half of the couple. You should just be honest and caring, that’s basically what it all boils down to regardless of your Zodiac ?

      1. Difficult at best….hard to deal day to day because you view things so differently. Been in a 40 year relationship I’m the cancer the aquarian. Communication is the best advice I can offer be clear Aquarian can be vague. Respect their orivacy.. . Cancers are an open book more or less so don’t understand the privacy. I like to be alone he doesn’t like to be alone. I’m quiet or only talk when I think it’s worth listening too he talks constantly a good a bad trait.. the aloofness of Aquarian is hardest to deal with …don’t know where you stand at all times but my moodiness is difficult to deal with!! Good luck!

  1. Fits me to a T. I don’t think that I’m manipulative but I do see how I may be at times but not in a malicious way

  2. I am an Aries and my girlfriend is a cancer how do I get her out of her mood swings ? Three days ago she was just fine and all of sudden she just got cold.

  3. Yup that’s me- the cancer woman (water ) and married 25 rollercoaster years to an Aries (fire) you just have to roll with the punches so to speak. Being able to compromise is half the battle – look if I can survive an almost divorce over his cheating then all ya’ll can do it

    1. Why if they can cheat once and you accept it then what do they have to fear? Because losing you is no longer one of them! That’s only if you can accept that your feelings and dignity mean less than a piece of ass that they know is only ever going to be just a piece of ass! There’s no reason that is ever acceptable to justify cheating if you’re not getting what you need in your relationship, either figure it out with your partner or leave the relationship and be with someone who matches your needs. That’s the problem today is everyone is so fing scared to be alone they just accept being treated poorly being cheated on abuse whatever it is and try to convince themselves that this person loves them. You can care about someone and be able to hurt that person! However if you truly love someone it’s not possible. You don’t see a mother who truly loves her children consciously seek out a way to ruin her kids life or cause them pain? Sure people make mistakes but there’s a mistake which is oh shit I started to talk to this girl with the intent of cheating but realized what it would do to my wife and I stopped. That’s called being a human and making a bad decision but unless he walked in to some place and there happened to be a woman and with absolutely no interaction prior tget were having sex then I’m sorry but that was a conscious decision to go ahead and satisfy their needs without any regard for the damage their selfish act is now going to hover over your family for years if it ever goes away and it never will. You can say trust is back but it’s not there. I can guarantee if he or she acts in any way that is out of character you’re senses start to heighten and start to passively ask who their talking to like you’re interested for other reasons than the 1 that’s there because of their lack of respect and loyalty of you.
      I’m not judging anyone and everyone has their own unique situation but the one thing that remains the same in all situations where someone cheated and taken the cheater back. You allowed someone to destroy you and draw out any insecurities you may have had which was what gave them the power to convince you to forgive them. Everyone has their own excuse be it money security kids whatever all you’re doing is putting a value on your self respect and core values for a person who I can certainly guarantee probably wouldn’t do for you if put in the same circumstances? I don’t mean after they have done it to you but to be the one who’s reading and posting these things! Now if he or she wants you to act in a certain way they just play on your insecurities so that you avoid being hurt again it’s how we survive as humans we a programmed to make changes to avoid pain so unknowingly to both parties subconsciously their the master and you’re their bitch. You might disagree because you don’t want to admit that you won’t ever be equal again but deep down a lot of what you’ve read has, is or will happen.

  4. That was hard to read about myself. My birthday is June 22. It is spot on!!!!!! I resonate with the crab very much. I cherish so much n hold on. Manipulate in order not to hurt. The past isn’t something I can get away from. I always thought it’s strange how I can survive anything even if it’s haunting me.
    Stability is EVERYTHING. definitely homebody and a cook. Nurturer.
    Mysterious and reserved. I only show people
    What I want them to see. Can’t get in…. pretty much never. Cuz when I’m hurt it’s forever.
    I feel
    Connected to the moon and
    Witchy which goes against my family religion. And I don’t care.

    1. I’m the 27th and your so right was hard reading about yourself…..only thing different about me is I don’t hide my sensitivity turns to anger(my Wiccan side says it’s due to being the only cancer in my family) my dad sister neice and husband all Capricorn other sis aries and mom saggataious – out of all aunt’s uncle’s coausins I’m literally the only summer baby ….. Why can’t I control my emotions?

  5. Im a pisces male and married to a georgeous Cancer woman. She ran away once from me while pregnant and also with my lil baby girl. Keep them away from Canada for almost 2 yrs. Back now for 1.5 yrs and ran away again now with my two young children and this time she is claiming abuse falsely and involving CAS and police. Why oh why is this woman so desparate to put me in jail to escape back to Mongolia and raise my children there and never return?? I am so inlove with her but she hurts me over and over until I resort to acting also like her to show her, her own hurtful self. She never sees herself thou… not ever relenting. Im so tired of her real abuse. Seems truly Narcisstic. Please help save our Marriage of only 5.5 yrs.

  6. I’m a long time thoughtful, extremely enthusiastic emotional cance . Sometimes I love the way I am and a time or two I do not, especially that I’m so moody I can’t even think when I am emotional . Although I do get my best thoughts and ideas if you make me made at you when I’m moody just watch out your butt is on my forget you list, try me! However, my loyalty is my forever love that I give to you but it could take forever for you to get to have all of me inside and out. I love the creative, intuitive and empowering emotional intelligence about myself, I love the mystery so that no one knows how I’ll strike or how to hurt me either The mystery is mostly about how to keep you attached and attracted to me and also how to navigate and manipulate you to love me for it moreover than anything else the Cancer kind also love attention, will give attention and attitude if necessary I can usually sense if you’re any good or not before you even speak, you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting both our time trying to fool me or be something you’re not lo . I’m on to ya!
    Question though I’m married to a Taurus Male why isn’t he as affectionate as I am why is he always in a rush? Are cancer and Taurus compatible? He hurts my feelings alot is that me or him? Why will a Taurus lie? How can Taurus and cancer get along?

  7. @Rebecca way up☝️hi am also June 22 n there are times i find myself livin off a bit of Gemini only wen seasons change but i’ll nvr run from being a Cancer,everything at the utmost truth, moody,painful memories alwys goin bck to where i no longer wanted to b,spent almst 13 yrs with my kids dad a Cancerian jus like me, alwys fighting accusations n wat not but think not it wasnt me,it was him nw ive moved on n found a saggi boy its even hard to cope with this one am clingy i want him all for me but hey such is life…

  8. Yes, I’m dealing. Not with a partner but with my son. He is having issues right now. We are trying to be there for him but he is pushing us away. I know he’s angry with me and pretty much the world right now. I love him and will always love him but right now I don’t like him so much.

  9. I am a Cancer ..no doubt..I am supper touchy feely. Can not get enough affection.I am too sensitive feelings get hurt alot. Wish I was stronger person..I care for a Virgo,but he wants certain woman in his life and doesn’t care If he never finds her…says we are friends but, if mention another man he seems jealous..but, he says he’s not.. Think trying to protect himself.. Don’t get it…

  10. This is spot on !! Am a typical Cancerian 9th July and all above characteristics reflects me. I can also be manipulative when I have to be to get things done my way !!

  11. I’m amazed at the accuracy…that is so me. Felt like I was reading my journal. I’m 82 and born on 07/07/1941 and the next part is crazy….at 07:17 am. Needed my birth certificate and was very surprised at the time. Patty in Oregon.

    1. Born on 21st July I can relate to everything here. I’ve recently starting seeing a fellow Cancer born 9th July.. Can two Canerrians make for a good love match. I really like this guy and I want it to work.

  12. June 28 and I was born early at 29 weeks but this describes me to a T!! So even though I was suppose to be born in September I am a true through and through cancer. I hate that I’m emotional and do not deal with confrontation well.

  13. Been with my Cancer guy for awmost 3 years…lots of ups and down…feel like his my soulmate but sooo many obstacles…im done tryna figure him out…he comes and goes…dnt think he will eva fully trust me…doesnt take my advice an does wot eva he feels like doing…its all just too much…im a taurus by the way.

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