10 Things You Need To Know Before You Date Someone Whose Love Language Is ˜Touch’

No kisses will ever be taken for granted.

Love is such a complicated and tricky business. The slightest misunderstandings and disagreements can lead to the biggest arguments and fights. Another big problem that people go through in relationships is when they don’t feel like they are receiving the love that they think they deserve. This is because these people don’t understand that love can be expressed in many different ways. They have to understand that their partner genuinely loves them, but they just don’t know how to appreciate that love. 

There are some people who express their love through words. They are natural poets and orators. They have quite a way with words. They manage to always make the people who listen to them feel like they are smitten with love. However, there are also some people who don’t respond well to words. There are people who like to feel the love of action. On the other hand, there are those people who don’t really like to talk much about their feelings, but they are always expressing their love through their gestures and actions. If you happen to be dating a guy who doesn’t really like to talk about his love for you, you don’t need to fret. You can be assured that he loves you by the way he acts around you and the way he touches you. These are some of the things that you need to know if you’re dating a guy who expresses his love through his touch.

1. Every touch with your partner is going to be an indescribable sensation.

Your little thrills don’t always have to be complicated. Every couple is going to live and breathe for thrills. But you’re lucky because all it takes is a simple touch for your partner to feel ecstatic. There’s a kind of sensation that comes over your partner with these touches and it’s always going to stay that way for your relationship. 

2. Sex isn’t even going to be the best part of your physical relationship.

Physical intimacy is going to play a vital role in your relationship. For a lot of couples, sex is going to be the pinnacle of your physical relationship. However, that truth can lead to a tendency for couples to only thrive on sexual pleasures. When you have a partner whose expression of love is a physical touch, then sex doesn’t even have to drive the passion of the relationship.

3. You feel the weight of your partner’s touch more than words.

Your partner isn’t too big on words. That’s a given. That’s why your partner has to compensate with the physical touch. However, this can also be a good thing. Words have the power to deceive people. You can lie about your love for someone with the way that you talk. But it’s very difficult to deceive someone with how you touch a person. 

4. Hugs are the absolute best.

Everyone loves hugs. There is no denying that. But with your partner, hugs mean just so much more. Hugs can be just as intimate and as passionate as kisses with your partner. – Continue reading on the next page

5. You will never have a shortage of small physical expressions of intimacy.

There are no limits to how and when you can express your love for each other. Even simple gestures like small caresses or subtle kisses are always considered a big deal. You don’t always have to be grandiose with your physical gestures for your partner to feel your love.  

6. You can brighten each other’s days with a simple embrace. 

Never underestimate the power of an embrace to brighten up a person’s day. Even after all the burdens of the world are weighing down on a person, an embrace always has the power to lighten up a person’s feelings. You can easily ease your partner’s tensions with a sweet embrace. 

7. You will never feel like you have to suppress your affection for your partner.

Your partner will want more of you every single time. You never have to feel worried about suffocating your partner. Your partner will always be receptive of your little expressions of love. Hugs, kisses, embraces, caresses, and massages will always be welcome. You don’t have to be shy at all. – Continue reading on the next page

8. No kisses will ever be taken for granted.

A lot of couples will tend to take their kisses for granted because of the frequency at which they are used. But with people who love with their touch, that is never the case. Kisses are never taken for granted. They are always valued as grand expressions of love, comfort, and affection. Your partner will always adore all the kisses that you will share as a couple.  

9. Sex will never be downplayed.

The same with kisses, sex will always be a big deal. You will be with a partner who will want to pleasure you in all the ways possible. You will be in a relationship that is sexually explorative and adventurous. You will never feel a stagnancy in your sex life. 

10. You will receive the best and most intimate massages.

Because, who doesn’t love massages right? Consider this as an added benefit to dating a person who loves with a physical touch. 

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  1. I feel like I’m the kind of person who loves being intimate but I find it hard to always be the one who is initiating it to my partner always, as if my partner doesn’t need it. Any advise to change that so we can both be happy cause with everything else I know my partner loves me but that part is also important to me and I don’t think she gets the importance of it but sees it as work

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