10 things you really deserve from a relationship

You don’t deserve these things out of love.

People commit to people because they have certain expectations from a relationship. They want to be happy and they want to make things work out for the better and instead of just tackling things on their own.

They want someone who understands them and looks out for them in the long run. Both men and women have certain roles in a relationship that can turn a relationship into an impeccable and indispensable accessory to life.

Here are 10 things that everyone deserves from a relationship.

1. Feeling Comfortable in their own skin

We all know that we are plagued by imperfections but I tend to think that these little discrepancies in character are the things that define us. After all, how can you run from what’s inside of you? No one in this world has the honour of being perfect but we have the choice to accept the grandeur pleasure of embracing someone’s fragile insecurities and flaws. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their skin; they don’t want love for their perfections. They want to be loved for the things that they think are unworthy of someone’s love.

I might not look like a supermodel all the time but I expect to be loved for who I am. Our bodies are beacons for a supreme power, our hearts and if my heart beats for you, then this thin layer of skin should not matter that much in a relationship. I deserve to be loved and I expect you to not judge me on things that I have no control over.

2. Making you Feel wanted

We all want someone who makes us feel wanted like their life is incomplete without them. They might send you a cute text when you are least expecting it or they might drop by your place when you need them the most. They look out for you and they don’t want your permission for that. Sometimes, you are just depressed but instead of leaving you stranded, they try to figure things out with you.

3. Small deeds of kindness and Chivalry

They show their love through small gestures. They may not amount to much but to you they mean the whole world. You deserve someone who kisses you in public and shows the whole world that you are in fact their girl. They might bring flowers for you on an ordinary day and your mood might lighten up.

4. Mutual understanding and Someone to share your weirdness with

Maybe you have little quirks and habits that seem annoying to most people. Your partner should be comfortable with that. You deserve to be the same weird and unique person in front of them and you deserve to be respected for your originality. They need to understand what upsets you and what sets you apart from the whole world.

5. Trust

Relationships cannot work without trust. If there is jealousy and over-the-border possessiveness, the days of your relationship are numbered. You deserve all the space and trust you need. You also need to respect their generosity to return the favour.

6. Partners in crime

Whenever you feel ill and you want someone to lie to your boss, you expect your partner to say, “you’ve got a friend in me”. These things make a relationship more interesting. From making things up to lying to your mom on certain trivial matters, you deserve allegiance from your partner. This throws all the monotony out of the window in a relationship.

7. Personal space

Your partner needs to be aware of the fact that you have a life outside of this relationship too. They need to respect your personal space. They need to give you alone time whenever it’s necessary. Poker night with the guys or a girl’s night out should be no biggie for your partner.

8. Venting the anger out

Sometimes, the whole world seems like a big ball of nonsense. You need to vent out all of the anger and you need someone to hear you out. After all that, when you burst into tears, you need someone to hold you in their arms and make you believe that they will take care of you from all that is wrong with the world.

9. Friendship

Intimacy and sex are essential for a relationship to work but we all know that friendship is more enduring and has a better life expectancy than any other relationship. If you are best friends, you can have the most fulfilling time ever. You deserve your lover to be your best friend, someone you can share anything with.

10. A Passionate Partner

You partner should be passionate in a relationship. It’s okay that he does these really silly things that might seem pointless to the world but they prove a single thing to you that he’s passionate and he really has that intensity of emotion for you, something you dearly desire.

Talk to me

Do you think your partners needs to provide you with all the above things for the relationship to work? Would you like to add anything to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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