10 Things You Should Always Be Able To Talk About With Your Partner

I’ve mentioned this time and again – COMMUNICATE with each other as openly as you can! Don’t expect them to read your mind and magically know what’s going on in there.

It has long been established that no relationship could possibly survive with a strong foundation of communication and patience. Couples who refuse to talk to each other are most likely never going to last. In order for a relationship to work, couples should always be willing to talk to each other about a variety of topics, no matter how painful or difficult.

Some couples will bite their lip and sweep problems under the rug for the sake of preserving harmony in the relationship, but all that pent-up emotion can ignite an implosion causing the relationship to crumble down.

Respect is an absolute necessity in all relationships, and when couples respect each other enough to open themselves up to communication, then that is always a good sign. Couples should always leave the doors of dialogue wide open and welcome any ideas for discussion. If you have trouble with explaining yourself to your partner, or you feel like that you’re not eloquent enough, that’s okay.

If your partner truly loves you, then patience and understanding will always take over when the words seem to escape you. There are essential conversations that you need to be having as a couple and here they are:

1. Ambitions

Ambitions are essentially outlines for the relationship. Are you in it for the long haul, or are you just casually dating? Are you still open to testing the waters or are you already settled on being with each other for the rest of your lives? You have to be able to discuss your goals and ambitions in your relationship, including whatever expectations you may have for each other.

2. Plans

Plans are similar to ambitions but they are a little more vivid and concrete. What plans do you have for your relationship? Are you getting married anytime soon? Will you be having children, and if so, where will you be raising them? How are you guys going to sustain yourselves based on your shared finances? Think of plans as a means to pursuing your relationship’s ambitions.

3. Health

In sickness and in health. That’s the deal should you ever choose to get married. You should always be open to discussing whatever health issues or physical disabilities you may be having. You can’t hide any physical incapacities you have because that would be a betrayal of trust with your partner. You must always be willing to help your partners through whatever health issues they may be going through and that starts with being open to each other. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Happy Memories

Your relationship isn’t always going to be a smooth sail. You will go through rough patches, and you will have your share of arguments. That’s why it’s always important for you to talk about whatever good times or memories you’ve shared with each other.

When you feel like things are getting difficult, take some time to remember how good things could be if you stay together and persist. You have shared such a great love story together, and it’s always worth rereading a few great chapters from the past from time to time.

5. Trials and Difficulties

You have a partner for a reason. You’re in a relationship because you want a team-mate for life who is willing to stand by your side through whatever trials you may have to walk through. Be open about your problems and your issues, and let your significant other help wade you through treacherous waters.

6. Feelings

Never sweep feelings under a rug. If you feel bad, happy, depressed, angry, or frustrated, it’s always okay to throw them out into the open. Express yourself freely and let your partner know that you’re comfortable with being honest to them about absolutely anything.

7. Apprehensions

If you have fears or apprehensions in life, let your partner know about it. Your mind tends to get very cluttered and fatigued if you choose to bear the weight of life’s problems all on your own. Let your partner be the one to relieve you of whatever pressure you may be having at the moment.В  – Continue reading on the next page

8. Finances

Money is important. You can’t use love to feed your children or put a roof over your heads. You need to be economically stable if you are to take your relationship to newer depths. You can’t afford to just sweep discussions about money under the rug if you want your relationship to flourish in the long run. Money shouldn’t be a sensitive issue if you truly love each other.

9. Current Events

Pick each other’s minds. You have to be open enough to discussing complex and controversial topics with each other. You can gather valuable perspective and improve your intellectual depth with each other by discussing current events. Just know your limits and don’t let any differences get in the way of your relationship.

10. Constructive Criticisms

Be on a constant path of self-development. You need to be open to each other’s criticisms and you have to be constantly looking to improve yourselves as you go along in life. Remember that development in your relationship goes hand in hand with your own personal development and you can’t afford to take that for granted.

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