10 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Boyfriend

Avoid saying these things.

Healthy communication is likely to translate into a healthy relationship. Always remember that. If you and your boyfriend have poor communication habits, then it would be easy to assume that you don’t necessarily have the strongest relationship around. The best kinds of couples are those who maintain honest and open lines of communication within the relationship. They always make one another feel like they are free to express themselves about whatever they want. But of course, like any other freedoms that are afforded to you in life, the freedom to express yourself in a relationship also comes with responsibilities. Just because your partner lets you say anything that you want doesn’t mean that you should. Remember that you still have to maintain a sense of class and tact with the things that you say. There are some thing that are better left unsaid especially when they don’t add value to the relationship.

So if you find that you have a reckless mouth, you better keep that in check. You don’t want your boyfriend to misconstrue anything that you say. It could end up hurting your relationship. So what are some examples of things that you should never be saying to your boyfriend? Read on until the end of this list to find out.

1. Shut the hell up.

Never tell your man to shut up. If he’s annoying you, let him know that he’s annoying you. But don’t tell him to shut up. His parents didn’t teach him how to speak just for you to tell him to shut up. Talk things out and let him say what he wants to say. Even when you’re upset with one another, you still have to be willing to listen to each other.

2. My ex never upset me in this way.

No comparisons to the ex at all costs. This is a big no-no in the relationship. Even when the comparisons are positive, you should refrain from making them. No man will ever want to have to compete for your love especially when it’s established that you’re already together. He doesn’t like that you’re still thinking about your ex.

3. Why don’t you go ahead and try growing your own set of balls?

A man’s manhood is something that means so much to him. Be very careful of when you do or say anything that may threaten his masculinity. He isn’t going to respond well to that kind of criticisms. For him, it’s just unconstructive and downright hurtful.

4. Wow, your friend is really cute.

How would you feel if he told you that he finds your best friend really hot? You wouldn’t be happy about that at all, would you? It’s the same feeling he would get if you ever told him that you find one of his close mates attractive or any other guy for that matter.

5. Your parents are really driving me crazy.

Parents are always going to be a sensitive issue. You can’t be badmouthing the people who raised him; the people who probably mean the most to him in this world. You have to be sensitive of his feelings even when the truth is that you’re not particularly fond of his family.

6. We really need to talk.

Don’t scare him like that. This kind of phrasing is enough to give any guy an anxiety attack. While communication is good, it’s never a bright idea to preface a conversation with this line. It will only keep him on his guard and it won’t make for a productive discussion at all.

7. You’re getting fat.

Of course, you should encourage your man to always pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle. But there are more constructive ways to go about that than just telling him that he’s fat or that he’s gaining weight. That might just hurt his self-esteem and lead him to believe that you are falling out of love with him.

8. I’ve taught you well.

You’re on equal footing in the relationship. Never see yourself as someone who is above him. When you tell him that you’ve taught him well, it can come off as very condescending. Sure, you might be trying to act playful, but it’s a very insensitive thing to say to a person. You don’t own or control him.

9. I can’t believe that you remember that.

Don’t just plain assume that he is going to be some goof who can’t remember important dates or details. Whenever he surprises you by remembering something important, be appreciative of it; and don’t make it seem like you really weren’t expecting him to remember it. You are essentially telling him that you don’t think he pays attention by saying this.

10. Let me take you out shopping.

If you don’t like what he wears out, then bring it up with him honestly and constructively. Don’t be passive-aggressive about it and ask him if he wants to go shopping with you. It’s insulting and damaging to a man’s ego.

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