10 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl Who Is Sensitive

You are bound to encounter at least one sensitive girl in your life. Hell, you might even get close and fall in love with a sensitive girl; and you know exactly what she’s like and why she’s such a great human being. She is the kind of person who would do whatever it takes to keep you safe. She is someone who will hold your hand when you feel like life is getting really overwhelming.

She is the kind of girl who is always going to offer you a shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling wobbly. You know that life would be a whole lot more difficult if you didn’t have such a kind and genuine soul there for you to help you out.

You know that they always understand how you feel and what you’re going through, and that’s all because they feel things immensely themselves. They aren’t necessarily unfamiliar with emotions. The sensitive girl can also know that her fragility makes it difficult for you to be around her often. But it’s not that she wants you to take pity on her. It’s not that she’s crying out for attention. It’s just that she really feelings things intensely, and there are times wherein she won’t be able to tolerate the immensity of her own feelings, and she will need to cry out for help. She’s going to need support from those who are closest to her.

She isn’t the type who can just abandon or ignore her feelings. She can’t just sweep her emotions under the rug. She needs to process them and come to terms with them; otherwise, she becomes broken inside. She can often feel like an outcast because of how sensitive she is. She is surrounded by people who can suppress their feelings well and carry on in a fast-paced world as if nothing bothers them.

She tries her best to keep it all together, but it’s a bigger struggle for her than for anyone else. She has so much on her plate as it is. She is so close to breaking, and you have to make sure you aren’t the one breaking her. These are ten things you should never say to a sensitive girl.

1. Why are you so emotional all of the time?

We’re all emotional, but you must understand that she can’t help but feel things on different levels as you do. She is in touch with her feelings in ways you wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

2. Why do you move so slowly?

Rushing is always something a sensitive girl doesn’t know how to do. She always likes to take her time with things to ensure all bases are covered.

3. Why do you need to be resting all of the time?

She gets tired easily. You would get tired quickly, too if you carried around the same weight that she’s carrying.

4. It’s so challenging to be around you.

Don’t make her feel like she’s being a burden to you. When you tell her something like this, you are invalidating her existence. You will make her feel like she’s not worthy of being around other people.

5. You’re just looking for attention, aren’t you?

She isn’t. She doesn’t want any attention drawn to herself. But sometimes, she just can’t help but cry for help.

6. You sound like a whiny, spoiled, and entitled little brat.

She’s not whiny. She just needs an outlet to express herself. She knows that if she keeps all of her feelings bottled up inside, she will end up exploding – and that won’t be a pretty sight at all.

7. You tend to overthink things too much.

She just doesn’t want to be impulsive. Remember that the sensitive girl is always thinking of other people. She wants to ensure that her words and actions don’t negatively impact anyone else.

8. I now understand why you don’t have a lot of friends.

Don’t make her feel bad for not being able to please everyone around her. She’s trying her best. And the more worthless you make her feel, the more she will want to crawl back into her hole of safety and comfort.

9. You are always overreacting to every little thing.

She’s not doing it on purpose. It’s just how her mind is wired to function. She has great attention to detail, and she always sees value in even the simplest things that you would otherwise ignore.

10. Just shove your feelings aside and deal with the problem.

That’s the thing. She can’t just shove her feelings aside even if she wants to. Her psyche really forces her to confront her feelings – and that’s why it’s so hard for her.

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