10 Things your ‘forever person’ does for you without hesitation

The idea of a forever person or a soul mate is beautiful but rare. Normally, it is believed that we cannot identify our soul mate. But what if we tell you, YOU CAN? A popular phrase says, actions speak louder than words. There are a few things that only your soul mate will exhibit without any hesitation. People are afraid to come forward and do certain things for you because they lack the intentions or courage to do those certain things for you. From providing tissue whilst crying in the movie hall to buying your favorite mansion, they would not hesitate at anything.

So here, we have a list of a few things that your forever person will never hesitate to do for you.

1. Health matters for him/her:В 

They say health is wealth and they are absolutely right. Just think about it, we all know that with good health comes the grace, beauty and activeness. Why would your forever person risk it? You’ll always catch him taking care of himself and working hard enough to stay healthy and in good shape, because that’s one way he will easily stick around you. And this does not end here; he will expect you to do same for your own good.

2. Won’t ever give up on you:В 

You know that’s the best thing about your soul mate or the forever person, they never ever give up on you even when you give up on yourself and your goals and dreams. The classic case of Angelina Jolie and Brad pit shows such love. Back then when they were in the relationship and Angelina Jolie hit the lows of her life and gave up on everything in life including herself, it was Brad Pitt who worked amazingly hard and brought her back to life. Your person just like him will always remind you about your amazing self and he will always motivate you to achieve all success and goals and to be the best. The unconditional encouragement and support is one thing that will never cease to exist in your soul mate’s dialogue and actions. Believe us, he will never let you lose your essence for sure.

3. Efforts for your friends and Family:В 

When you love someone you want them to be happy and not only them but also the people associated with them. Your forever person will make grand efforts to get to know the people who are important to you and will try his best to get along with them and will ways work to have a good impression on them. Why would he want them to think bad or negatively about himself? They are the people you care about and your soul mate will never want them to think badly about him. Well! That makes sense. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Compromise:В 

Frankly speaking we all know that no two people are same. We vary from each other in many aspects of our level. But it’s not about differences; it’s about respecting the differences and appreciating the similarities. So yes! Your forever person will compromise on the differences; he will meet you half way or at the midpoint of the subject. He will not assert his opinion on you, he will place himself in your shoe and will get to know and understand your perspectives and your logic along with reasoning. Undoubtedly, he will value your perspective towards the matter without involving his ego. For him, peace and bond is going to be more important than his ego fueling uncertainty and negativity.

5. Future planning:

Future never comes, yeah right! But the idea is still inevitable. Future motivates us and makes us go forward and yes! The planning and anticipation is important. One thing your soul mates will never hesitate about is going to be you as a part of his future planning. He will build his life around you and will make future that definitely involves you. Let’s just say, if he has a plan to purchase a mansion in future he will always imagine you in there, if he has a plan to buy his dream car, he will always include in the road trips and long drives. We know dreams are beautiful but today’s world never offers anything for free. He will work hard to achieve all the future goals like a mature and responsible person but he will never forget to make you the part of all these goals.

6. Marriage:В 

Marriage is a contract between two people who want to be together for the rest of their live? What’s more beautiful than living the rest of your life with your soul mate? What’s more important than him wanting to spend every minute of your life with your person? He won’t marry you or think of marrying you just because your parent’s are nagging you or your friends are getting married. For him, the thought of spending his life without you would be a dreadful night mare. So yes! He’ll hate the idea of not being there as your life partner and would definitely want to marry you.

7. Loyalty:

Trust us; loyalty is as important as love and respect. Your forever person will never think of being disloyal with you even in his dreams. He’ll meet people who would look better than you with better personality and vogue, better socio-economic status and literally everything you can imagine. But no one will tempt him. It’s not about your appearance and covert personality. It’s the soul to soul connection and love that will keep him in his senses and will never let him cheat on you. He will always know that he respects and loves you way too much to break your heart by letting himself swayed away with temptations around him.В – Continue reading on the next page

8. Making everything better for you:

He will always strive to make things better for you. He will never involve you into things or situations that make you uncomfortable. He will never force you for sky diving because he knows you have a fear of heights. He will never leave you in the dark because being in the dark scares you. He will never take you the large and crowded parties because he knows you are an introvert and such scenarios make you uncomfortable. He knows your comfort zone is important and it’s unfair to push you out of it just because he wants to. Apart from that, he will make your bad days better, not getting your dream job, PMSing and losing your favorite earrings, he will take care of everything and do his best to make you feel good.

9. Always there:

This one is really important. He will always be there for you no matter what. He will help you and support in you in your panic anxiety, sickness, anxiety or when you are hitting the lows. He will always motivate you and will assure you that this particular phase or period is temporary and you are brave enough to face it. He won’t criticize you for your stage fright; he won’t condemn you for your bad cooking skills. He will always find the ways to make you fight the situation and will always be there with all the love and support.

10. Love you for your flaws

Nothing is perfect in fact the word perfection is in itself an illusion. Your forever person will never punish you or disparage you for your flaws. It’s okay for him if you have bad hand writing, or a short height or a messy grammar. He won’t care if your hips are way too wide; your jaw line is not perfect or anything that’s not perfect. For him your existence and particularly your existence in his life with all of your flaws and fear matters. As we said it’s a soul to soul connection nothing will matter, it would be the beauty of your soul that will mesmerize your soul mate forever and he will accept you as you are.

Your forever person will not hesitate to sit next to you even if don’t utter a word. He will fight fair since it’s not about winning it’s about being fair. He will always work to make you feel as well as be a good person. He will respect you, love you and stay loyal to you without being clingy or overly possessive. He won’t invade your privacy and enter into your personal space if you don’t feel like. He will provide unconditional support and motivation. He won’t be insecure and jealous of your success and achievements. He will never mock at you for your weaknesses and failure. He will provide you all the trust and protection and will love you for simply who you are.

So, when you get to see a person doing all the above mentioned things for you without any hesitation or fear just remember he is your forever person or your soul mate and you are one of those people who are lucky enough to find him in this lifetime.

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