10 Things Your Girlfriend Does to Make Your Relationship Shine

It’s the little things in life that become inscribed in someone’s heart forever. In your lover’s absence, these are the things that haunt you the most. Maybe you strolled around the park with them, they held your hand for the first time or they caressed your soul with their supporting remarks and the world started to make sense, maybe even just for a minute.

When your girlfriend genuinely cares about you, all these things start to reveal themselves, these little gestures of kindness and love. She doesn’t even try too hard to do them; they just automatically become something she has no control over. They make you smile and the butterflies in your heart start to replicate, day after day, and increase their population.

Love has the power to make you a better person no matter what you think. I know we all have experiences of tragedies and disasters that have made us lose all hope in the power of love but love is always the remedy. When your girlfriend does all these things, it won’t only make you love her more but these things will also transform you into a newer and better version of yourself which was always there concealed in the bottomless abyss of emptiness and seclusion. Her actions will have the power to draw you out from years of hiding.

Everyone meets someone in their lives who leaves a permanent impression. Their actions change something within you; you can feel it in your bones. Things they do for you will always be a reminder that love is the savior.

Here are somethings that your girlfriend will do that will lighten up your day:

  1. She knows about your insecurities and tries to protect them

We all have insecurities and brittle edges that can eventually turn our mood off. For some, it might be looks; for others, it might be career related. If your partner really knows you, they’ll try to protect these fragile insecurities, even when you’re in public. For example, if someone criticizes you in public about something, she will try to defend you and even if she doesn’t at that moment, she will try to appease you afterwards, making you realize that someone’s opinions isn’t supposed to be your reality.

Sure, she’ll tease you and use all these things against you sometimes when you’re in a playful mood, but it will be evident that she doesn’t mean to hurt you, and banter is always good for a relationship. It keeps it interesting, not monotonous and dull. *Continue reading to next page*В 

  1. She Understands you

I have met a lot of different people in my life. All these people have idiosyncrasies which set them apart from others. Some people love someone who gives them hope and tries to evict all the emptiness out of them. Some, on the other hand, just want someone who understands their emptiness and is okay with it. Some people really don’t want to be fixed; not all people get that notion. When someone gets that particular piece of information, instead of running away, they stay there and try to cope with it. Trust me, sooner rather than later, love does heal that emptiness even if you don’t force that person to heal. Love just heals them without their consent. I know it’s complicated and baffling but the point that stands is that we all want to be understood.

Human genome’s evolution led to diversity. More than that, different experiences created different people. Some humans were created by tragedy and others by optimism. You might be either of them but if your girlfriend loves you and really wants to stick with you no matter what, she will eventually try to understand you and give you the time and space to reveal your true self and your haunting past.

  1. She brings color to your life

We all have bad days. But sometimes, no matter how strong you are as an individual, you cannot set yourself straight and need someone else to do it for youwhich is okay. So if you come home fed up with how your day had progressed, your girlfriend will see the look in your eyes and the tiredness on your face and she will do anything she can to cheer you up and bring you back to your element.

She will be upbeat and enthusiastic to do little things for and with you just to bring a sense of beauty, reason and meaning to your life. You’ll be the dull, out of rhythm song playing on a broken record, a blank canvas. She’ll come to bring rhythm and beat to your sound, and paint your life with the colors of liveliness. And it will be worth it. She”ll make you get up in the middle of the night and roast marshmallows on the kitchen stove, then have hot cocoa with them as she snuggles up next to you to watch a movie if that means you wake up the next day and smile at it.

  1. She’ll be loyal

Trust is an empire which takes years, and even millennia, to build but moments to collapse. When your partner loves you and you know she’s the one, she will live up to that hope you nurture and will play the loyalty card just right. She’ll not only refrain from lying and cheating on you, but she will also tell you reality from fiction, good from bad, needs from wants, faith from illusion, dreams from stupidity she will be loyal to you in all this and more in the sense that she will tell you what you need to hear, she will show you what you need to see and she will give you what you can use to your benefit in the long run for things to come.

That is the highest form of loyalty too, if you come to think of it. Expect her to be loyal and tell you the truth, especially the harsh ones, to bring your attention to things that matter so you can find your way again.В *Continue reading to next page*В 

  1. She will be your motivation

We all have grown up hearing the line ˜behind every man’s success is a woman’s hand’. All men are dreamers, but it’s the women who make them get out of bed each morning and make something of those dreams and aspirations. Your girlfriend will be your wall, bringing you back to reality and motivate you to get out there and make your dreams see the light of day.

It’s simply because she, knowing you inside out, will have a clear-cut vision of your talents and capabilities so she will push you forward, motivate and encourage it to be better, to work harder and achieve great things for yourself while you still can.

  1. She will introduce you to great things

Whether it is music, art or books etc, your girlfriend will expose you to great things out there; not to make you superior than those around you or a mister-know-it-all, but simply because she considers you worthy enough to get a glimpse of any form of genius that’s out there. It will be helpful for you as a person to evolve into someone with better ideas and beliefs than your previous self. It will make you more opinionated, in other words. And that can come in hand when dealing with the outside world and society.

So if a new song comes or some book about a topic you might be interested in, your girlfriend will bring it to your attention; your likes and interests would matter to her, of course.

  1. She will accept you as you are

It takes elephant-sized guts to open up to someone. Mostly when people see into your soul, they officially have no idea what they’ll find down your soul’s deepest caverns and beneath your broken heartstrings. And when you have opened up to them just to have them dislike what they see, they try to change you. Changing someone, molding them into someone you want them to be, literally robs them of their right to be themselves, don’t you think? So your girlfriend will see all your soul’s disgruntled edges, cracks and holes, yet she’ll accept you with open arms, never for once questioning your haves and have-nots.В *Continue reading to next page*В 

  1. She will strengthen your faith in everything

Most of the time, it isn’t hope people lose but the very faith in hope. They need someone to show them the light of faith again. Your partner will climb that ladder for you. She’ll make you see the best in others, in yourself and believe in the positivity of life and reality. It isn’t a prophet we need all the time to bring back faith in humanity, but just one ordinary human being skin and flesh, just like us to show us our role in this universe.

She’ll not give you false hope, or sugarcoat things for you. Instead, she’ll be the sun on your desolate shores of faith.

Even if she can make you gain your faith and positive attitude to God and mankind in general, she’ll do all in her power to make that happen.

  1. She’ll be compromising

It doesn’t matter if it’s a matter of ordering sushi or pizza, watching Friends or Prison Break together your girlfriend will compromise for you, and with you, in every major and minor decision you both face in your relationship. Your happiness matters to her; she’ll do what she can to make things easy for you.

  1. She will not leave you wondering

If you find yourself wondering whether your partner loves you, if they’re worth it or if they’re even the one you have it wrong. Because the right, loyal kind of girlfriend doesn’t leave you wondering about anything. She lets her feelings for you make the noise by doing things for you that don’t leave you with second thoughts about her intentions.

If you say something she doesn’t want to hear, she will let you know and not put you through the mental torture of wondering if you should’ve said that in the first place or not.

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