10 Things Your Guy Is Too Shy To Ask From You Even Though He Really Wants To

It’s already a given at this point that men aren’t always going to be as expressive as women in relationships. And that can be a really big struggle for women. They are left to just assume and guess what their men need from them without even having the faintest clue about anything. Men are less expressive because they often see openness and vulnerability as weakness. And to an extent, they’re right. There is a certain weakness that comes with being open to another person. But it takes a lot of men quite some time to realize that weakness is essential in a relationship.

You always have to allow yourself to become vulnerable to a person you’re trying to be intimate with. If you maintain your distance, if you stay closed off, then you’re never going to be able to really maximize your love. But until he realizes that, you’re going to have to keep on playing the guessing game. You’re going to have to try to figure out his needs. You might try to ask him what he expects and needs from you; and if you’re lucky, he’s going to tell you outright. But if he’s going to be too shy to tell you, then you’re going to have to grasp at straws.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be completely clueless in this regard. That’s what this article is for. Even if he’s too shy to admit to you what he really needs, that doesn’t mean that you have to be kept in the dark. Listed here are going to be 10 things that he surely wants from you but he might be too shy to ask.

1. The thrill of the chase.

Men like the feeling of being able to work hard for the things that they want the most. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and meaning. So make him work hard for your love. The more you make him work, the prouder he will be for having earned it.

2. Respect.

Really respect who he is as a person. Treat him with kindness at all times. Always make sure that you don’t take him for granted at all; and that you are always mindful of how he feels.

3. Receptiveness to his help.

Let him help you out. Yes, you are a strong and independent woman. Yes, you are fully capable of getting the job done on your own. And he loves that about you. He loves just how amazingly independent and fierce you are. But he also wants to be able to express his love for you in the form of help and assistance.

4. Occasional space and privacy.

Yes, he loves spending time with you. He loves being in a relationship with you. But that doesn’t mean that he willingly gives up his sense of individuality as well. You have to remember that he is going to need some occasional space and privacy – and you need to be able to give that to him.

5. Gratitude and appreciation.

Never make him feel like you’re just taking him for granted; that you don’t take notice of his efforts and his worth to you. Always show your gratitude and appreciation for him whenever you get the chance.

6. Sexual intimacy.

Men are sexual creatures. There’s no denying it. And it’s highly likely that his sexual needs are going to greatly surpass your own. And you have to be considerate of that. He doesn’t want to force you to have sex with him all of the time. But it would be nice for you to cater to his sexual needs accordingly.

7. Initiative.

He doesn’t want to have to be the one who puts in the effort in the relationship all of the time. He’s going to want you to pick up the slack as well. He’s going to want you to show some initiative too. If he sees that you’re working just as hard as he is in trying to make this relationship work, it’s going to inspire him to be better.


8. Passion and spontaneity.

Relationships can get really dull and boring sometimes. And that’s why he’s counting on you to be a little spontaneous and adventurous. He wants the passion in your relationship to remain just as strong as when you first started going out. He doesn’t want either of you to get stuck in some kind of rut.

9. Trust.

Never make him feel like you don’t trust him. He wants you to be able to rely on him; to always believe that he will do his best to come through for you.

10. Friendship.

More than anything, he’s going to want you to be his friend. He’s going to want you to be someone he can always rely on to be there for him. He wants to always be able to count on you to help pick him up if he falls; to give him advice when he feels lost; to reassure him when he’s feeling insecure.


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