10 Tips To Getting Closer To The Guy You’ve Started To Date

Dating can either make or break a relationship as this is the phase where people really start getting intimate with each other. If you’re feeling particularly worried about messing this phase up, don’t worry. This article has you covered.

Dating can be a tricky business, but it’s a necessary step to living out a healthy and successful relationship. It’s during this period where both parties have indicated romantic interests in each other and are making efforts to get to know each other more.

Dating can either make or break a relationship as this is the phase where people really start getting intimate with each other. If you’re feeling particularly worried about messing this phase up, don’t worry. This article has you covered.

Besides, no one ever knows for sure what they’re doing when it comes to dating. Sometimes, you have to let your relationship take its natural course. However, there are some tips you could follow to improve your chances.

Here are 10 tips to getting closer to the guy you’ve just started to date:

1. Don’t hesitate to show him your interest.

We’re not saying that you should be an easy girl, but it’s best that you just stop playing so hard-to-get at this stage. Yes, the thrill of the chase is important, but the chase can also leave him feeling uninspired and disinterested. Let him know that you’re happy about dating him and that you’re excited to see how things are going to play out between the two of you.

2. Don’t betray his trust.

Early relationships are so incredibly fragile. This is the stage of a relationship where people start building their foundations for a solid future. If at this stage, you’re already betraying his trust, then that doesn’t bode well for building a sturdy foundation. Keep your promises. Tell him no lies. Make sure that you’re a woman who is worthy of earning his trust and respect.

3. Stop entertaining other suitors.

While technically, you’re only just dating, it might turn him off to know that you’re still entertaining the thought of seeing other people. If you want him to feel like he has a legitimate shot with you, then let him know that you’re really not interested in any other suitors right now. Make him feel special and gallant. This will give him more confidence in his pursuit to win you over.– Continue reading on the next page

4. Be generous with your resources.

Stop being so selfish with your time, money, and effort. These are valuable things, that’s true, but you have to realize that when you go into a relationship, there’s really no room for being selfish. You have to start sharing parts of who you are with another person if you want to form a bond with them. If you feel like you can’t give up parts of your time or money, then maybe you’re just not ready for relationships in general.

5. Start including him into your social circles.

Introduce him to your family and friends. Let him know that he’s becoming an important part of your life and that’s why you want to start including him in your social circles. Your friends and family are important to you, and he knows that. That’s why he’s going to make an effort to make them like him too.

6. Be open about your emotions and feelings.

Men always like it when their girls are open to them about emotions. When you choose to open yourself up, it means that you’re willing to be vulnerable with him. It tells him that you trust him enough with your heart. It will make him feel really good to know that you’re starting to feel comfortable with him even in the early stages of your relationship. He will also end up feeling very comfortable with you once you start opening up.

7. Don’t be shy about being physically intimate.

Don’t shy away from giving him random hugs and kisses. Hold his hand while walking and let him know that you’re not ashamed of showing the world that you’re really interested in him. Physical affection is an important aspect of any relationship but remember to always keep it classy.– Continue reading on the next page

8. Tease each other playfully.

Tease each other as a form of endearment. Develop specific nicknames for each other or start speaking your own language. It’s great for relationships when they have something that they can call entirely their own.

9. Don’t expect him to be a mind-reader.

Stop expecting him to know what you’re thinking and feeling at any given moment. At the early stages of a relationship, don’t forget that he’s also still trying to figure out who you are as a person. He still has much to learn about your personality and your tendencies.

You can’t possibly expect him to be able to pick up your patterns after just a short while of dating. It takes years and lots of effort in order for a man to really get to know a woman. Just always be honest and open about what you want and what expectations you have for your relationship.

10. Don’t run away when things get tough.

Stay. Make the effort. Let him know that you’re willing to work through whatever kinks your relationship might have because he’s worth it. Your relationship is worth it.

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