10 Toxic Phrases Every Gaslighter Uses

Gaslighters know what to say to control their victims; their words are often destructive and hurtful.

Such people manipulate, distort words, invalidate your feelings about serious matters, and gain an advantage from the situation. A gaslighter would use words to make you feel confused, frustrated, and inadequate by questioning your memories, ability, and even your sanity.

Here are ten toxic phrases a Gaslighter would use to manipulate you.

I Never Said That

A toxic person would use this phrase to question your memory and argue that you twist their words to get the wrong meaning out of them when in reality, they are the ones who twist facts and words to blame you for everything.

 You’re Over-Sensitive

A Gaslighter would upset you with their words and actions, and when you confront them or hold them accountable for their actions, they will guilt-trip you into thinking that you are over-sensitive and you take everything to heart. They will blame you for their actions and wouldn’t empathize with your feelings.

I’m Not Angry, Everything Is Fine

A toxic partner who loves manipulating people into believing they are not enough and everything is their fault or they are not putting enough effort into making a relationship work would often give you silent treatments over petty and trivial matters. They would ghost you, and when you ask them if you have done something or something is bothering them, they will say they are fine. However, it’s one of their toxic techniques to control their partners.

No One Else Would Love You

A Gaslighter would often tell you you are not enough and they are better than you. They would not let a chance go to blackmail you with stuff and threaten you that you are nothing without them.

You Made Me Cheat

A toxic partner tends to cheat on their lovers; when they do, they would blame their significant other and say it’s not their fault. This is also what a narcissist does – victims blame others and guilt-tripping them into thinking everything is their fault.

I’m Sure You Said That

A toxic, controlling, manipulative partner is also prone to lying in every situation; such people always twist your words and sometimes make up stuff to torture you. They try to convince you that you agreed with them on a particular matter when you didn’t.

If You Really Loved Me You Would

Another phrase every gaslighter use by questioning your love and loyalties toward them. They know you have feelings for them but they have to use the nasty manipulation technique in every matter to get things done their way.

You Can’t Take A Joke

All toxic people say what they want to say or do mean things and then act like they were ‘only kidding’ and you are the one who cannot stand a joke. If your partner does that, you need to make a decision about your relationship.

I Criticize You Because I Love You

Remember, love is not supposed to make you walk on the eggshells all the time and question your sanity. It is supposed to be kind, compassionate, and comfortable. If your partner criticizes you all the time in the name of ‘love’ please tell them you don’t need that kind of love in your life.

You Are Gaslighting Me

They will make it seem like it’s all your fault and if you want to sort things out by having a discussion, they will probably say that you are gaslighting them.

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