10 Types of Guys You Always Regret Dating

Ladies, how many of these "mistakes" have you made in your life?

It’s no secret that not all relationships are created equal. If you’re not lucky enough to find true love on your first try, you will probably have your fair share of relationship experiences. You will get the opportunity to date guys who were boring; guys who were conceited; and some guys who were downright toxic. The point of the matter is that each different guy you date will bring a different kind of charm or characteristic to the relationship, whether good or bad.

However, if you want to save yourself from potential heartbreak or regret when it comes to relationship, there are certain kinds of men that you have to avoid at all costs. Dating these kinds of guys will only lead to utmost disappointment and regret.

1. The Frat Boy

Trust us when we say that dating the frat boy is never worth it. Sure. He may have some connections, and he’s probably a rich kid. Also, there’s a good chance that he’s really good-looking, but he just isn’t worth it. He’s the kind of guy that needs a lot of growing up to do before you can start getting serious about having a relationship with. Give him a chance to live out his immature ways for the meantime. You don’t need that kind of drama in your life.

2. The Damaged Musician

You never ever want to end up as the subject of someone’s song. Ask all of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends. Should you end up being unlucky in love, you might find yourself as the protagonist in his next song. Also, it’s very rare for musicians to make it big and find actual success. Don’t date a guy if he’s only relying on his music for a living; especially when he’s not that good of a musician.

3. The Overly Sensitive Man

You are sensitive enough as it is. You don’t need a man making things more emotional for you. The best way a man and woman interact is if they manage to balance each other out. Men tend to bring an aura of strength while women tend to be more compassionate and sensitive. You need to complement each other well, and you can’t BOTH be the sensitive ones in the relationship.– Continue reading on the next page

4. The Old Flame

Never ever date that ex. Sure, you’ve probably heard stories of some people finding success after getting back together with their exes, but these are diamonds in the rough. You know that you guys had broken up for a reason, and if neither of you have undergone any substantial life-altering experiences, then you’re probably the same people you were when you broke up. Nothing has changed.

5. Mr. Bad Boy

Stop dating the bad boy. There are so many good guys out there just waiting in the wings. They’re there with flowers in hand ready to treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. The bad boy is just going to emotionally manipulate you and then leave you broken-hearted.

6. A Friend’s Old Flame

While it is a bad idea to date your ex, it is an even worse idea to date your friend’s ex. That is a betrayal of trust right there and you need to know your boundaries. Sure, you can ask your friend for permission, and while she may tell you that she’s fine with it, she really isn’t deep down inside. Be more sensitive and respect your friend’s past.– Continue reading on the next page

7. Momma’s Boy

Never date a man with unresolved mommy issues. He will channel all of those lingering issues into your relationship and you will be left having to deal with all of that unnecessary baggage. While it may be cute and endearing at first to be dating a momma’s boy, you will find out later on that what you really need is a grown man.

8. Mr. Rebound

Never ever get serious with a rebound. You were vulnerable and you were looking for a quick hit. It’s understandable. It happens to even the best of us. However, don’t make the mistake of having to force things between you and your rebound guy. You don’ have to feel obliged to humor him with the prospect of a real relationship.

9. The Alien

Don’t date that foreigner that you met on vacation once. A lot of people’s hormones can lead to impaired thinking especially when they’re experiencing the high of exploring a foreign land. Just because you strike up a flame on your holiday doesn’t mean you have to commit to it. The flame will eventually die down, and you will be left with nothing but regret.

10. The Guy Who Can’t Get Over His Ex

If a man isn’t over his ex, then don’t you ever think for one second that you should date him. The truth is that he will be the one settling for you even though he wants someone else. Never settle for being someone’s second option when there are plenty of men out there ready to make you their first option.

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Ladies, how many of these "mistakes" have you made in your life?

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