10 Uncomfortable Signs That You’re Sleeping With The Right Person

You have your share of laughs during sex

There is no denying that sex plays a very important role in the modern relationship. For a lot of couples, it is the ultimate manifestation of physical intimacy and trust. Sex is a really big deal for a lot of people because of its cultural ties. So it’s perfectly understandable for people in relationships to overthink their sex lives. They think that their sex lives directly tie into the quality of their relationship and for the most part, they aren’t wrong. So if you’re the kind of person who thinks that you can judge the health of your relationship based on your sex life, then this post is for you. Here are some undeniable sex-related signs that you are with the person who is just right for you.

1. You don’t feel compelled to shave down there on a regular basis.

You know each other’s bodies so well because of how all the time that you have spent together. You have also established a certain level of comfort with one another and so you don’t really care whether you shave down there or not. For the both of you, it really isn’t a big deal anymore. Sex is sex and the presence of a little hair down there shouldn’t be an issue.

2. You have your share of laughs during sex.

For people just starting out in relationships or for those who are having sex for the first time, it can really be awkward if someone laughs during sex. You would never want to give your sexual partner the impression that you find him/her sexual advances funny. It’s a huge blow to the ego. However, if you have reached a point in your relationship wherein you are fine with sharing a few laughs while in the sack, then that means you have are completely comfortable with each other.

3. It doesn’t even matter to you that the sex is terrible sometimes.

forever person

Not all nights are going to be great, and that’s fine with you. You know that that’s part of the game. Each of you are going to have your share of off nights but you don’t really let it bother you. You have reached a place in your relationships wherein you will allow each other some bad performances in the sack. It’s not really going to be a deal-breaker for you.

4. You refuse sex every once in a while.

You don’t feel compelled to say yes every single time your partner wants a piece of you. You and your partner are perfectly fine with saying no to each other when one of you just isn’t in the mood. You respect each other’s boundaries and you value each other’s feelings a whole lot more than you value your own personal sexual needs.

5. You have no problem casting your criticisms for one another.

You aren’t afraid to correct each other in bed. You don’t shy away from explaining to your partner what he/she did wrong. For a lot of early relationships, this would be a big no-no. But since the both of you are completely secure in your relationship and in your sex lives, you don’t really mind getting a few tips from each other.

6. You know you look sexy to your partner no matter what you’re wearing.

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You no longer feel the need to get into sexy costumes to turn your partner on. There is no need for special lingerie or underwear to get your partner into a state of arousal anymore. Even a baggy old T-shirt and some sweatpants will be enough to get your partner’s wheels spinning.

7. Cuddling is no longer compulsory.

Guys hate to cuddle. Girls love it. And so in early relationships, guys will always feel compelled to cuddle with their girls both prior or after a special session in bed. But those days are gone. Neither of you could care less about cuddling at this point.

8. You have a regular routine that you can rely on.

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Routines are usually bad in relationships especially when they are prolonged. However, they have the power to add a semblance of structure and stability in your relationships. It’s the same in your sex life. You shouldn’t always be doing the exact same things every single night but it’s good for you to have your go-to moves that you can always rely on to give each other maximum pleasure.

9. You don’t feel the need to broadcast your sexual achievements to your friends.

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In the past, your sexual encounters were always new and unfamiliar. That is why you always felt the need to broadcast your sexual exploits with your friends. Nowadays though, you are rather tamed down and a little more subdued. You are perfectly comfortable in your sex life with your partner and you are fine with keeping it within the relationship.

10. You don’t have sex with each other every chance you get anymore.

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You used to do it with each other as much as you can. You wanted to manifest your love for each other on a physical level on a constant basis. Now, however, you can express your love for each other in various ways, and it doesn’t always have to be sex anymore.

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  1. 100% spot on…6 years later…never fought…talk lots…laugh at the mishaps…and have our routines that keep our sanity.

  2. I’m so not into a routine and it’s been 7 years. Sex is never the same all the time. We try different things, costumes. Roleplaying, light bondage, always some oral for both of us. As a guy I must say I like cuddling with my naked partner. Also I as the man always put her needs, desires, and fantasies ahead of my own. We are also both loyal to each other and always have a night or weekend where we do something fun that we each like to do.

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