10 Undeniable Signs That He’s a Guy Worth Keeping

He’s a guy worth keeping!

It comes to a certain point in life where we just get tired of dating around and putting up with relationships that we know aren’t going to last. We all dream of finding that one person with whom we can share and build a beautiful life together. And in the process of finding that person, we all experience a few heartbreaking and painful ordeals along the way. And as a result, each heartbreak leaves us feeling a little more cynical, distrustful, fragile, vulnerable, and broken every time.

But that just comes with the territory. That’s part of the package. We’re not always going to be able to find the right love at the first try. In fact, that is rarely ever the case. We can meet someone who develops something of an interest in us, but we won’t always be lucky enough to find out that that person is the kind of person we actually want to be with. And when that happens, you have to learnt to break things off and walk away. You can’t force a fish to climb a tree and you can’t certainly force someone you’re not meant to be with to be your soulmate. No one is going to win in that scenario. You’re merely prolonging the pain by doing that to yourself and to your partner.

And there are also going to be a few times before you can really be sure that a person you’re with is the one you’re meant to be with forever. It can take time for the little details to reveal themselves in a relationship. And in your patience, you wonder about whether this person is actually worth giving a chance to or not. How do you know when you just have to wait or if it’s time to walk away?

Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer. There are a few signs that you just have to be on the lookout for. These signs will tell you whether your man really has the potential to be someone you could be with forever. These are the signs that tell you that you actually have a man who is worth keeping.

1. He accepts all parts of you both good and bad.

He loves you but he also acknowledges that you are a human being and that you still have your fair share of imperfections. But he would never hold these over your head. He would never make you feel bad about your weaknesses.

2. He shows up for you even when it’s inconvenient.

He’s not just there for you during the good times. He doesn’t’ just help you out if it benefits him somehow. He’s there for you consistently even when there’s no reason for him to be.

3. He always keeps you in the loop in decision-making.

He truly values your opinion and he respects your place in the relationship. He understands that being with you means that his decisions are no longer entirely his own to make. He is always going to want to factor in what you think.

4. He is never okay with not growing.

Growth and development are very important to him. He is never content with merely staying the same. He is constantly fighting for self-improvement whether as an individual and as someone who is in a relationship.

5. You share similar principles and values in life.

You are both compatible in the sense that your moral fabric is cut from the same cloth. You both have similar principles and so you don’t have to compromise too much of who you are to be with one another.

6. He treats you like a true equal.

He doesn’t place you too high above him by expecting too much from you. And he doesn’t think of you as someone beneath him by demeaning and disrespecting you. He sees you as a true equal and partner in life.

7. He does whatever he can to make you happy.

He does whatever he can to make you happy because he considers your happiness to be his own personal happiness as well.

8. He is always openly communicative with you.

Communication is always going to be an important aspect of any strong relationship. And so if your man is someone who isn’t shy about being communicative with you, he’s definitely worth keeping. He is the kind of guy who would be willing to have difficult discussions with you.

9. He is committed to being in a relationship with you.

He no longer entertains other options. He doesn’t think about any other alternatives anymore. He’s with you and he’s really in it. He won’t want to be in relationships with anyone else anymore. He won’t be screwing around with you.

10. He isn’t afraid of putting in the effort to be with you.

He knows that being in love with you is a grind. And he really isn’t afraid of just putting in the work to actually be worthy of your love. He would gladly do whatever he could to keep your relationship together.

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