10 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Still In Love With You

If your ex came back and apologised, would you take them back?

Relationships end. Couples break up. It’s just something that unfortunate that happens all too often, and we can do nothing about it. And on top of that, not all breakups are always going to be so clean and smooth. A vast majority of the time, when couples break up with one another, they don’t necessarily break up with their intense feelings and emotions. Breakups are always going to be severe emotional ordeals. And sometimes, those feelings and emotions can linger even long after a breakup. There are plenty of couples that break up also though they’re still in love with one another. It’s not a rare occurrence. This is because it takes so much more than love to make a relationship work. Sometimes, two people are just so incompatible to the point that their love for one another will not be enough to save the relationship. And so when the relationship has to come to an unwilling end, sometimes, those feelings of love don’t necessarily go away immediately.

It’s important after a breakup for two people to get on with their lives. It’s unhealthy to wallow in sadness. It’s harmful to hold on to a failed love. But, a lot of people still refuse to let go of their romantic feelings for their exes. You never know when an ex-boyfriend might always be in love with you. It’s not easy to tell until you try to study their behavior and spot out the signs. You might think that it shouldn’t be any of your business if your ex is still in love with you, but it should be. You need to be able to help your ex move on from you if you want closure for yourselves and your failed relationships. Neither of you is going to be able to get on with your lives in a healthy manner if you’re both still hung up on each other.

So how can you tell if your ex is still in love with you? Well, you have to keep an eye out for these signs:

1. He always tries to text you a lot.

It’s normal for exes to cut ties of communication after a breakup, especially if it was a messy one. But if your ex is still trying to text you a lot, then it might be a sign that they want to start things up with you again.

2. He is active and engaging on social media.

He is always the first one to like and comment on your photos and posts.

3. He blatantly tries to make you jealous.

He tags himself in pictures with pretty girls to make it seem like he has plenty of options. He introduces so many different girls to you to make you jealous, but it’s all just too obvious.

4. He won’t be too sweet to any new romantic partners you might have.

He isn’t going to make any new guy in your life feel welcome for obvious reasons.

5. He doesn’t jump back into the dating game after your breakup.

One big sign that he hasn’t gotten over you is if he hasn’t tried dating anyone else yet. He doesn’t want to get entangled with anyone on the off-chance that you might still be available to him.

6. He posts passive-aggressive social media statuses that are intended for you.

He posts all of those emo statuses. He shares all of those photos with sappy love quotes on them in the hopes that you read them and that you understand that they’re intended for you.

7. He goes out of their way to reach out to you on significant dates.

Birthdays. Holidays. Promotions. Whatever. He’s going to reach out to you. Any excuse he can get to talk to you, he’s going to grab it.

8. He goes out of their way to accidentally run into you.

This can be a creepy sign that might be borderline stalker territory. But he might know that you go to a particular gym or you shop at a certain store, and he will accidentally run into you there as well.

9. He tries to bring up the good old times whenever you get to talking.

He knows just how powerful nostalgia can be in trying to evoke certain feelings from a woman. And so every chance he gets to talk to you, he will try to bring up all of the happy memories that you once shared while conveniently leaving out the bad ones.

10. He confesses his love for you.

And lastly, if he tells you that he’s still in love with you, then what another kind of sign could you even possibly need? He’s still madly in love with you, and he’s having difficulty letting go of these feelings. Either you just shut him out of your life entirely and wait for him to move on, or you try your best to help him get over you.

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