10 Unreasonable Expectations That Men Have For Women In Relationships

Ladies, what’s your take on these?

Relationships are always exhilarating at the start. It’s such a thrilling experience whenever a couple gets together for the first time. It’s as if food just starts tasting better, and all the stupid love songs on the radio start to sound a little more pleasant to the ears. While it all seems like innocent fun as you’re starting out your relationship, you have to remember that you have certain responsibilities to keep as well. One of those responsibilities that you must have in your relationship is to always manage your expectations. You shouldn’t fall into the trap of feeling entitled in your relationship. You should always make sure that you aren’t demanding too much from your relationship and your partner.

Men can make this mistake a lot of the time. Lots of men will accuse women of having unbelievable expectations and carrying unreasonable standards, but they are also guilty of the same thing. Remember that whenever you start holding your partner to standards that are just plain unjustifiable, you are only setting both yourselves up for disappointment. Expectations and standards in a relationship should always be reasonable. Otherwise, it would be best to just let them go. 

Here are a few common unreasonable expectations that you, men have for your women in your relationships.

1. She has to shave her body every day.

It’s perfectly reasonable for you to expect your woman to try her best to look good for you as much as possible. That’s a justifiable expectation to have in any relationship. But specifically speaking in terms of shaving, she doesn’t have to be doing it every single days. It’s unreasonable for men to always expect women to be cleanly shaven. 

2. She has to have the same taste in music as him.

You don’t both have to listen to Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday for you to have a functional relationship. She can be into Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato while you exclusively listen to the Foo Fighters and John Mayer. You don’t always have to like the same music for your relationship to last. 

3. She has to stop finding other men attractive.

Just because she’s in a relationship with you doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the most attractive guy in her world. You can’t be so conceited to think so. Chances are that she’s going to encounter someone who is better looking than you and you’re just going to have to accept it. You should just be thankful that she’s dating you. 

4. She has to act more like a lady.

The standards of being ladylike have evolved over time. You can’t expect to force her to always try and fit your personal standards of what a lady should look and act like. She is her own person, and if you love her, you shouldn’t be trying to change her into someone she’s not comfortable with being. 

5. She has to agree with him about everything.

You don’t always have to see eye to eye on everything. Just because you think a certain way regarding a certain social issue doesn’t mean that she should automatically bow down to your opinion. You both have your individual worldviews and you have to be able to respect differences of opinion. 

6. She has to adjust her makeup preferences for him.

Newsflash: your girl isn’t putting makeup on for an audience. A lot of girls decide to put makeup on for themselves because it makes them feel good. It’s more of a confidence-booster than it is anything else. So if you don’t like the way she puts on her makeup, you can tell her about it, but don’t expect her to adjust to your preferences. 

7. She has to cater her wardrobe to his preferred style.

Essentially the same reasoning as the previous item on this list. She dresses however she wants because it makes her feel good. She shouldn’t have to adjust just because you don’t like it. – Continue reading on the next page

8. She has to stop going out with her lady friends without him.

You should both still be able to live your individual lives outside of the relationship. You can’t always expect to be around each other for all hours of every day. If she wants to spend her time with her friends without you, you should always be able to respect that. Don’t be so needy and clingy as a boyfriend. 

9. She has to stop talking to her guy friends.

She is going to have other men in her life and there’s no way for you to stop that. You can’t be so unreasonable so as to bar her from having any other guy friends. That is just behavior indicative of an immature boy. You have to just be secure enough in the strength of your relationship to know that she will always be faithful to you. 

10. She has to change her entire lifestyle to reconcile with his.

It’s her life. And she’s choosing to live it with you at her side. If you can’t accept who she is as a person, then maybe you shouldn’t really be together.  

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  1. I agree mostly with this. Especially points 1, 3, 5 and 9.
    1 – if we shave everyday it damages our skin
    3 – he can look at other women, poke at our insecurities but if we look “it hurts their feelings” [learned quite recently]
    5 – I’ve had this in most relationships, try to communicate with them and if they don’t agree, they ghost me
    9 – I’ve had to stop talking to my guy friends but he can have loads of female friends, I don’t mind, as long as they are just friends and not sneaking around my back.

    For example, if she started flirting first I’d expect him to shut that down, if he initiated first – bye not worth my time of you can disrespect me and the relationship

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