10 Unusual Romantic Gestures that are sure to make him feel Loved

We all know all the usual ways of impressing men- putting on some flattering clothes, wearing a lot of perfume, making them food, agreeing with everything they say, letting them watch their favourite football game- the list goes on. But sometimes, the usual gets boring and with time, guys start to take all the things you do every day for granted, that’s when you need to pull out the big guns. And by big guns, I mean the very little, ordinary things because let’s be honest, men are unambiguously simple creatures and it doesn’t take all that much to win them over and impress them.

So here are ten not so usual ways of making your man feel loved.

1. Get that broken thing fixed for him.

Get something of his fixed for him so that he doesn’t have to go through all the hassle of actually doing the chore himself. It doesn’t have to be something huge like getting his car brakes or his new DSLR fixed up- It could be as little as getting that drilling machine fixed or replacing the worn out batteries of his watch.

Since guys tend to completely forget about all the things they need to get done till the last minute, he will really appreciate you doing his work for him because despite needing to, he knows that he’d never actually get around to fixing all the things he has to. Plus, he’ll think about you every time he uses the things you’ve fixed for him and brag about what an efficient and caring girlfriend you are to all of his friends.

2. Surprise him with a date.

It’s usually him who’s surprising you with unique date ideas, so why not be the one to surprise him for a change? The both of you have been swamped with work all week and when the weekend arrives, you expertly turn his dinner invitation at a high end hotel down, and instead invite him over to your place for dinner.

Don’t tell him of your plans beforehand; let him be caught off-guard by all the effort you make to arrange a passion-filled, memorable night filled with good cheese, candle light and his favourite music.

3. Buy him flowers.

Again, why does it always have to be him showering you with presents and flowers and such? Break tradition, by giving him flowers personally or have any other sort of aromatic plant that may relieve some stress delivered to his office. Men appreciate flowers- they too have a sense of smell (no matter how weak).

4. Bring home food for him.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like steaming Papa John’s pizza or even just get a bucket of his favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry’sВ because haven’t you heard? The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach.

5. Find something on his old bucket list and make it happen for him!

We all have bucket lists as kids we never got around to completing, find his and make it your mission to make something happen. For example, watch the sunset or sleep under the stars with him- he’ll never forget you going to such a length to help achieve something he once wanted to do really badly.

6.В Buy his favorite candy bar and leave it in his car.

Because why ever not? Imagine the sheer childish joy he’ll feel as he discovers a Mars bar in his dashboard.

7. Get ingredients to make his favorite cocktail and have them waiting for him when he gets home.

Sometimes, a drink is all he’ll need to take the edge off and relax after a long day at work and his favourite cocktail will just make relaxing all the better.

8. Take a day off together.

One day, for no reason at all, call in sick and urge him to call in sick too so that the two of you can spend the day together watching movies, ordering in food, and just spending quality time together.

9. Wash his car for him.

Throw on one of his favorite old t-shirts that he loves seeing on you, crank up the stereo, get a bucket of water, a sponge and go out to wash his car before he has a chance to. A guy’s most prized possession is his car and seeing that the most important person in his life (you) appreciates his car will truly make him feel loved, plus that’s another chore he won’t have to find time to do.

10. Write him something.

Write him notes and slip them into his pocket or his day planner so he can find them later on and think of you. Cheesy as it may sound, the right words can help him get through a rough day.

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So are you going to do these things to make him feel like the luckiest boyfriend In the world?

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