10 Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Controlling

Be mindful of these warning signs in your relationship before it becomes too late.

They Keep You Isolated

One of the biggest signs of a controlling partner is when they want you all to themselves. They may try to keep you away from your family and friends. Even if they don’t do it directly, there are small hints. For example, if your partner keeps getting upset when you talk to your friends or family, it could be a warning sign. Another sign is if they directly tell you to stop talking to your close friends. The purpose of this behavior is to make you rely only on them and keep you away from the people who care about you.

They Keep A Constant Eye On You

If your partner is very strict about where you go and when you come back, it’s a sign they might be controlling. They closely watch when you go out and how much time you spend with friends or family. They scold you for spending time with others. It feels like you have a set time when you must be home.

They Keep A Track Record

A controlling partner remembers every little mistake you make and scolds you for them all the time. But at the same time, they always praise themselves for the things they do for you. In a good relationship, both partners support and forgive each other and don’t make a big deal out of small arguments.

They Violate Your Boundaries

A controlling partner likes to closely watch and control everything you do, to the extent of spying on your daily life. They don’t see anything wrong with checking your phone without asking or trying to access your emails without permission. They might even go through your personal belongings and follow you when you go out. They make you think that you have to tell them everything from the very beginning of the relationship.

They Disregard Your Opinion

Another sign of a controlling partner is when they make you feel like your thoughts don’t matter. They put you down and even make fun of your opinions, especially when your views are different from theirs.

They Criticize Everything You Do

If your partner always finds fault with everything you do and criticizes you, that’s a sign of a controlling partner. They might try to justify it as valid criticism, but if they constantly criticize everything you do, that’s a problem.

Verbal Abuse

Many people recognize physical threats as a warning sign, but verbal abuse is equally harmful. If your partner frequently threatens to leave you or harm themselves to get what they want, it’s a troubling sign. Verbal abuse can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Another red flag is your partner constantly using offensive language directed at you.

Acceptance On A Conditional Basis

If your partner only values you when you do something for them, it’s a warning sign. Love should be given freely, without any conditions. If your partner keeps telling you that you need to change to earn their approval, that’s not right.

They Send You On Regular Guilt Trips

If your partner makes you feel like you are mistreating them, it’s a sign of a controlling relationship. They monitor what you do every day and use it to make you feel guilty. They do this to control you and get what they want while keeping you quiet.

They Are Jealous And Paranoid

If your partner gets jealous of everyone you spend time with, it’s a problem. If they believe that all your interactions with others are inappropriate, it’s a serious warning sign. They might even go as far as following you due to their excessive worry.

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