10 Ways He Shows You He Loves You Without Saying Anything

Of course, you’re going to want him to tell you that he loves you. You’re going to want him to make verbal declarations of his love to you. And that’s essential in any kind of relationship. But don’t be so close-minded. There are many other ways in which he can tell you that he loves you without even necessarily saying anything at all. Yes, words are a big deal in any kind of relationship. But at the end of the day, words are hollow when you’re unable to back them up. So, you need to be paying attention to what he’s doing in the relationship as well. It’s not just about what he’s saying.

Don’t be so naïve to think that words are the only way to express love. You need to be paying attention or else you risk taking your guy for granted. You need to be able to appreciate him for everything that he brings to the table. If you fail to take notice of his gestures, then you might end up making him feel like his efforts aren’t being validated.

Here are a few ways he might be telling you that he loves you without even saying anything.

1. He motivates you to pursue your own dreams.

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He always pushes you to be your own person. He knows that you have your own set of personal goals and dreams; and he doesn’t want to get in the way of them. He is always trying to encourage you to work hard for everything you might want out of life. He doesn’t want to bog you down or hold you back.

2. He makes compromises and sacrifices for you.

He’s the kind of guy who understands that selflessness in a relationship is absolutely important; and that you can’t be in love with someone if you’re just far too narcissistic. He’s always going to be willing to make sacrifices and compromises for you. He isn’t afraid of making a few adjustments to make sure that you’re comfortable.

3. He challenges you to be a better person.

His own existence encourages you to be a better human being. He is constantly challenging and pushing you to be a better person. He is always inspiring you to do more in life because of who he is and how he conducts himself. You see the way that he lives his life; and it inspires you to do more as well.

4. He stays mindful of your feelings.

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He isn’t a selfish guy in the sense that he never just goes around doing what he wants without first thinking about how you might feel. He always makes sure to be taking your own personal feelings and sentiments in mind. He never just acts on his own accord as if your feelings aren’t something that he should be taking into consideration.

5. He makes an effort to take care of you.

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He really cares for you. He looks out for your personal well-being. He always wants to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible. He makes a genuine effort to look out for your best interests because he always wants what is best for you.

6. He communicates with you about everything.

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He never makes you feel like he doesn’t trust you with what he says. He is always open and communicative to you about his thoughts and feelings. He allows himself to become vulnerable with you because he knows that trust is an essential aspect of having an intimate relationship.

7. He listens to you whenever you want to express yourself.

He always makes an effort to make sure that you are being listened to. He really pays attentions to the things that you say. He always wants to know what’s on your mind and in your heart. He is never going to make you feel like your thoughts and opinions don’t matter; that he’s disinterested in your life.

8. He opens up about the future with you.

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He really wants you to feel that this isn’t just some temporary setup for him. He really wants you to know that he sees a genuine future with you; that he wants to build a life with you because he sees you as a viable life partner.

9. He pays attention to the littlest details.

Sure, he notices all of the grand gestures and the big aspects of your relationship – but the little stuff matter just as much to him as well. He really knows the value of paying attention to the littlest details in the relationship.

10. He treats you like a genuine partner.

He understands what it means to be a person’s life partner. He doesn’t just see you as some kind of accessory that he can drag around. He knows that you’re someone he can really rely on to be there for him when he needs you; and he’s always going to try his best to be the same way for you as well.

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