10 Ways To Increase The Oxytocin In Your Body

Increase your "love hormone"!

To those who aren’t familiar to the term, oxytocin is a hormone in the human body that heavily influences the dynamics of a female’s reproductive system. Everything that concern’s the health of a woman’s uterus and lactation is dependent on a person’s oxytocin levels.

In popular terminology, oxytocin is also known as the love hormone to many people because of its vitality and sporadic nature. Relationships can play a huge role in determining a woman’s oxytocin levels. There are a few ways a woman can trigger an increase in their body’s oxytocin levels.

1. Experience the physical touch of another person.

The quickest way to increase a woman’s oxytocin levels is via the physical touch of another person. Whether it be through subtle strokes of the arm, intimate hugs, passionate kisses, or casual caresses, a physical touch can dramatically alter a female’s oxytocin levels. There’s no denying the emotional and physiological effects that an intimate touch of another person can bring. A physical touch can stimulate a human body in more ways than are typically known.

2. Hear words of love, affection, and encouragement from other people.

It’s normal for us to always feel better about ourselves whenever compliments or words of encouragement are thrown our way. We feel that appreciation and we transform it into an expression of love. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that triggers an increase whenever we are experiencing moments of love or kindness with other people. That is why the oxytocin levels of a person increase also whenever we are the ones who are giving compliments and offering words of kindness. Emotional interactions like these play a heavy role in manipulating oxytocin.

3. Be in the presence of someone who is a great conversationalist.

There are very few sane people in the world who like to always be ignored. All of us crave for attention in our own personal manners and degrees. Some crave for it a lot more than others, but the truth remains that we all want our existence to be acknowledged in some shape or form. That’s why our hormones automatically trigger up a firestorm whenever we are shown appreciation or whenever we feel like our lives are validated by others.– Continue reading on the next page

4. Find sources of happiness and laughter.

External sources for happiness and joy can also trigger inner happiness. That’s why whenever someone manages to make us smile and laugh, our love hormones shoot through the roof. Laughter and smiles are definitely contagious. It’s hard to not be infected by the happiness of another person. That is why people who are looking to increase their oxytocin levels should make sure that they’re around people who always carry positively happy vibes.

5. Practice prayer and meditation.

Relax and relieve yourself of any stress that you’ve accumulated in your daily life. Clear your head of whatever problems or pressures are hounding your life. Take some time out of every day in your life to just breathe and let your mind be blank. It’s a great way to just recharge the mind and body. This is also a very effective way of increasing a person’s oxytocin levels.

6. Engage in more intense physical activity.

Exercising has LOTS of benefits to the human body. No person on earth has ever regretted a good workout. Engaging in regular physical exercise can make the body, heart, and mind so much healthier. It allows the body to both look and feel better at the same time. What lots of people do not know is that exercise also has the power to increase a body’s oxytocin and endorphin levels. Let those happy hormones shine by going for a run or by lifting some weights.

7. Release those tears and let them flow.

Crying can be a very therapeutic physical experience. When people try to suppress their feelings and hide their emotions, it can have a very negative effect on their oxytocin levels. That is why it is very important for people to always release their emotions in a constructive manner. It’s okay to let yourself have a good crying session every once in a while to let go of all the sadness in your life. You are bound to feel loads better once you’re done.– Continue reading on the next page

8. Be more generous with others.

Practicing acts of kindness and humanity can trigger substantial increases in a body’s oxytocin levels. That’s why people who are generally generous and kind have oxytocin levels that are through the roof. When you are always practicing generosity with others, you are creating a positive space for yourself to grow as a person.

9. Express your creativity.

Letting your creative juices flow is another way to just relieve yourself of any stress that is building up in your body. That’s why whenever you engage in various forms of art like painting, writing, drawing, or playing music, your oxytocin levels are also bound to rise together with your skills as an artist.

10. Acquire a pet.

Let your maternal instincts have their way by getting yourself a pet. The same way that love and affection from another person can increase our oxytocin levels, a pet can as well.

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