10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

keep a conversation going with a girl

Unfortunately, not all men are gifted in the realms of conversations and discussions. A vast majority of men might not be familiar with the many ways to keep a conversation going with a girl. It’s not always going to be a natural skill for a lot of boys. That’s just a fact. Not to worry. If you happen to be that kind of guy, there is still hope.

Like many other skills in life, you can always practice and learn to be a better conversationalist. And if you need some guidance on that front, then this article has got you covered. Check out the ten ways to keep a conversation going with a girl:

Here are ten simple ways to keep a conversation going with a girl:

1. Ask Her Questions About Her Interests

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

One of the best ways to get a girl to be the one to carry the conversation is when you ask her to talk about the things she’s interested in or passionate about. It’s a colossal mistake whenever guys assume that they always have to be the ones talking to carry a conversation. That’s very inefficient, and it’s going to end up turning her off in the long run.

If you allow her the safe space to express herself, then she’s going to enjoy talking to you. She’s going to feel a lot more comfortable with you. Also, you must ask her questions about the stuff that she’s talking to you about. This way, she knows that you’re genuinely interested and that you’re not just pretending to listen to her.

2. Bring Up a Current Event or Pressing Issue

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

One of the best ways to show off your intelligence without necessarily being arrogant is to bring up a pressing issue or a current event. Bring up something that you read about in a newspaper today and try to discuss it. If she’s not engaging with you, then try bringing something up that’s shallower or less serious. Entertainment news is also something that you can freely discuss.

When you work current events into your conversations, you never run out of ammo. There’s always something happening everywhere in the world that’s worth talking about. So, whenever you feel like you don’t know what to talk about anymore, you can always choose to bring up a current event.

3. Ask About What Her Family is Like

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Family life is always going to be a nice topic of conversation. However, you have to be very careful here. Some women might not necessarily have good lives at home with their families. And when that’s the case, she might not always be so willing to open up. However, if she’s open to talking about her family, then that’s a good thing. This way, you’re getting to know her a little bit better.

Also, don’t be afraid of sharing more about what your family is like as well. It’s only fair that she gets a glimpse into what your life is like at home as well.

4. Share About How Your Day is Going

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Of course, it can’t be just her who is doing all of the talking. Sure, it’s nice when you give her the space to talk. However, you also have to be putting in the effort there. She is going to find it very sketchy if you just keep on asking her questions. Yes, she’ll like it at the start. But it would be weird if you don’t contribute anything at all.

So, just try to keep things light by talking about how your day is going. Talk about random things that happen to you during the day. The best part about this is that no two days are ever the same. As a result, you have different materials that you can use on her whenever the two of you talk. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything too deep or interesting. It just has to be worth talking about or mentioning.

5. Talk About Personal Anecdotes

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Surely, you’ve got your fair share of personal anecdotes in your back pocket, right? If you have lived an interesting enough life, then you’re bound to have a few funny or interesting stories to share. Don’t be afraid to bring those up whenever you’re finding yourself in the middle of a lull in conversation with her. Maybe, you can even bring these anecdotes up to supplement a topic that you’re already talking about.

The best part about this technique is that it will start to entice her to do the same as well. When she hears you share an anecdote about your life, she is going to feel comfortable with sharing an anecdote from her own life. With that, you can keep the conversation going longer and longer. It’ll become a chain of you just sharing stories.

6. Talk About Mutual Friends or Acquaintances

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Another great way to keep the conversation going between the two of you is if you discuss your mutual friends or acquaintances. In this manner, you would be able to talk casually and lightly. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go deep into detail about the negative things. You don’t want to end up gossiping. Rather, you’re just finding a way to establish some middle ground between the two of you.

When you talk about mutual friends, then you’re essentially just allowing yourselves to learn more about your social circle. And it doesn’t even have to be negative at all. Try to avoid gossiping. It’s a bad look. Just try to talk about how you know these people and some possible stories that you have about the times you’ve shared.

7. Discuss Favorite Books/Movies/Music

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

One of the best ways to initiate a conversation with a girl and to keep it going would be to discuss favorite books, movies, or music. If she’s a music buff, then she’s going to love talking about the favorite artists and bands that she listens to. Then, you can bring up the kind of music that you listen to just to keep the conversation going on your end.

This is always a great conversation topic because it gives both of you a good glimpse into each other’s personalities. You get to explore each other more intimately without going too deep. It’s still a casual conversation, but it gives you a lot of insight into each other’s hearts and minds. Also, it’s always a lot of fun to be able to talk about your favorite things in life.

8. Share About Your Hobbies

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Hobbies are always a great source of conversation, no matter the nature of a relationship. Feel free to talk to her about your favorite hobbies and interests. This is great because you get a chance to share more about what your personality is like. She’s going to end up feeling a lot more comfortable around you once she gets to know you better.

Aside from that, there’s a chance that the two of you might share a few hobbies and interests. When that’s the case, then you would have something new to bond over. This is great for you because it will help connect the two of you even more in the long run. Lastly, when you speak about something that you’re passionate about, it’s always going to be a good look for you.

9. Ask Her About Her Career Goals and Professional Life

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

One other effective way of carrying a conversation would be to broach the topics of careers and professional lives. People are generally always interested in talking about what they do for a living. If she’s truly passionate about her career, then she is going to enjoy talking to you about it thoroughly. Also, knowing about a person’s approach to one’s professional life is a great way to explore their personality.

When prompted, you should be willing to share your professional goals as well. This is going to tell her a lot about who you are and who you dream of becoming. To a lot of women, goal setting is important. So, this would be a nice opportunity for you to show her that you are a planner and that you’re not just content with riding the waves.

10. Know When to Stop

10 Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Remember, the long-term goal here is to be talking to her for the long-term. It’s not just about prolonging a single conversation for as long as you can. It’s also about knowing when you need to cut a conversation short and save more ammo for the next time. You have to be able to entice her to want to keep on talking with you.

So, when you feel like you’ve exhausted all possible topics for a single conversation, don’t be afraid to cut the conversation. Try to leave some for the next time the two of you talk. The ultimate goal is to have prolonged conversations that span over a very long period. Hopefully, if you play your cards right, the two of you will be talking for the rest of your lives.

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