10 Ways to Love a Sagittarius

When you’re with a Sagittarius- stay adventurous, stay yourself and allow them to be themselves; nothing more and nothing less.

Sagittarius men and women are known for their love of freedom and independence in both love and life. They crave intimacy and closeness but what they also greatly desire is some personal space. It is not a difficult task to love a Sagittarius but if you want to do your homework before starting to spend more time with a Sagittarius, these ten tips will greatly help you.

1. See What They See:

You do not have to be exactly like them to love them and not change your opinions in order to be loved by them; try to see what they want you to see and make them feel heard, that is all they ask for. They have a vast view of life; there is space and freedom in their ideas just like in their life. When they describe things to you their way, listen carefully to tell them you care about what they think.

2. Take It Slow:

Since they are all about living life and doing what the heart wants, they might not react nicely to the pressure of commitment. They take their time to get to know a person before making any kind of promises. They are not the kind that says ˜maybe’ when what they really want to say ˜no’. If you want to take it smooth with a Sagittarius, take it slow.

3. Offer Freedom:

If you are a Virgo or a Taurus, you might not be able to cope with a Sagittarius but you might find it easy to keep up with them if you are Gemini or Leo. Sagittarius men and women require mental simulation which can be provided by either Sagittarius themselves or Libra and Aquarius who are not so high-maintenance. Understand the needs and wants of a Sag guy or girl and you will find your way.

4. Be Patient:

It can be difficult giving freedom to someone you love all the time because we need reassurance and exclusiveness sometimes. But unfortunately, the only way to get a Sagittarius to love you is to wait for them. You have to let them see you and wait for them to fall for you. They are like those children who do what we tell them not to do. Therefore, be patient and wait for them to come home to you.

5. Be Adventurous:

On streets and in sheets, be adventurous with a Sagittarius; it is what they feed on. Love is not enough for them and can bore them because of their highly adventurous nature. What turns them on is a combination of adventure and love. Pull them behind a tree on a road and make out and do whatever that defines a perfectly adventurous experience. They will love you for it till they are alive.

6. More Space:

There is not much you can really do about a Sagittarius until they have fallen in love with you. All they ask for is a lot of space and freedom and will only sacrifice these two when they think you are worth it. So the best way to tell a Sag guy or girl that you really, really like them is to wait for them to show interest. One pushy move and they will be running a thousand miles away from you.

7. Don’t Make a Rule-book:

With a Sagittarius man or woman, it is all about going with the flow. If you have earned their love and it is truthful, then make sure you don’t grab on it too tight because the strain can hurt them big time. Do not make them tense by making a rule book of your relationship and formally setting up boundaries. Verbally and indirectly make small promises so as to not freak them out and get your task done at the same time.

8. Share Ideas:

Sagittarius men and women can be spiritual and religious, most of the times. They like to believe in things that are out of their reach to have a bigger, better meaning of life. They are not only fond of being physically independent but also mentally where they can explore possibilities. What you can do about it is share your ideas with them about God or Gods and listen to theirs with a cool mind.

9. Say What You Are Thinking:

Due to their straightforward and honest nature and speech, they can sometimes come out as insulting. You need to understand that they do not mean bad to you or the person when they talk bluntly. If you want to confront them about it, do so to change their ways but never quietly keep it in your heart and expect them to change themselves because they are bad at taking hints.

10. Let Go To Hold On:

It is paradoxical but that is how a Sagittarius can be best loved; by not holding on to them. Do everything else to keep them hooked but never try to pull them to you because it will only push them further away.

Stay adventurous, stay yourself and allow them to be themselves; nothing more and nothing less.

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  1. This is totally me I don’t need so much the space as fare as attention but space to have hobbies and freedom is so amazing and my wife did give me the freedom when we first met and that mad me want here caus she was cool with what ever I did and was cool with me dating others then I realized u didn’t want to date any one else then it was over I was here’s

  2. I’ve been dating a Sagittarius man and he’s been distancing himself recently. After reading this article it all makes a lot of sense but now I’m so much more scared of losing him. I’m a Pisces, guess you can make out the rest in your mind.
    I don’t want to lose him. but I don’t know how to save this relationship.

    1. Omg same am a pisces girl and him a Sagittarius what I’ve learned is I’ll let him know that he is being too distant and he won’t say anything back so I just leave his space and focuse on my spirituality lol we as pisces women can get too clingy but cutting energy cords helps a lot to detach obsessive feelings that as pisces we start overthinkinh and a Sagittarius man can not like that trust me hang out with friends kinda let him be and let him come to you they can pick up on getting obsessed and remember this sign is afraid of commitment they do like the chase lol practice this and he will be yours just relax ik it’s easier said and done but just try it let him miss you instead of you missing him he will notice!

  3. My Soulmate is saggitarian, and I am an aquarian.
    We hardly ever watch TV, we talk for hours, spending most of our time exploring and enjoying each other on many levels. We both have many hobbies, some of which, like motorbikes, overlap, so we always have interests, stories, ideas etc to bring to the table.
    As far as rules are concerned, there are few, and as the Dominant in our bdsm D/s relationship, He makes the rules, and I think the one we both cherish the most is “if something is wrong, tell Him! He can’t fix it if He doesn’t know” so we listen to each others hearts, and I so appreciate all His qualities and all He does to care for and love me, that I am inspired to do so many little things for Him, in any way I can to show Him He is always in my thoughts, even when we’re apart (which we both hate, and look forward to when we marry and never be apart again) and He sees all these little things I do as they really are, appreciation for Him, as my exciting, adventurous lover (there is always huge delight in His eyes when He calls me “pervert”) and my best friend, knowing we will always have each others backs, and both so sure in our faith and trust in the other. We so often share our ideas, values, philosophies etc that He regularly tells me to get out of His head, when I introduce an idea or thought I’ve had, he says we are one mind in two bodies.
    So yes, I see much in this, albeit vague and generalised, it is a fairly good guide.

  4. This makes A LOT of sense! The description is my guy to the T! wow! But it has given me some clarity and helped me to understand him better and how to handle him better because what I have been doing is pretty much pushing him away. I notice that when he is free to do what he needs and wants to do without me trying to do things my way or change him, we work better. I agree that “Sagittarius men and women require mental simulation which can be provided by either Sagittarius themselves or Libra and Aquarius who are not so high-maintenance. ” I am a Libra and I have seen this come into play and I am really not high-maintenance at all AND I have LOTS of patience with him. His father even told me that haha!

  5. Wow that sounds pretty spot on. Im a Taurus and she is sag. I notice when i let her be her give her space we become closer. Sge is also blunt which comes across as mean. I be like wtf i wouldnt say that to you. But im learning she dont mean it that way.

  6. Some things r correct but mainly don’t push just be yourself with me I want love and respect and I want the person I’m with to want me just stay and make the next right decision that’s all and it’s that simple

  7. This is so true. I’m a female Sagittarius and this is so me. I’m married to a Virgo and there are a lot of things he do not get when it comes to me. I love my space. And I’m very blunt about certain things.

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