10 Ways to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Texting Another Guy

Do you ever wonder if your girlfriend might be secretly talking to other guys? Perhaps you noticed something on her phone that got you thinking, or you caught her not being completely honest about who she’s messaging. It’s easy to get worried or mad when you’re unsure if she’s staying faithful. But before you accuse her of cheating, it’s wise to make sure your feelings are right.

You need to be sure she’s really talking to other guys before you blame her for something she might not be doing. If your girlfriend gets lots of messages from unknown numbers or hides her phone, that’s a sign. But remember, there could be a good reason, like work stuff. It’s important to look at everything and see if there are other signs that back up your feelings.

How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Chatting with Another Guy?

1. She Starts Texting More Often

If you see your girlfriend texting a lot more than usual, she might be chatting with a guy she just met. An even bigger warning sign is if she gets defensive when you ask who she’s talking to.

2. She is Always Laughing at Her Texts

You might see her laughing at her messages, and if you ask, she might say it’s not a big deal. But if it was a real joke from a friend, she wouldn’t mind showing you, especially if it was really funny. But if she puts her phone away fast instead of sharing the joke, she’s probably keeping something secret.

3. She Takes Forever to Respond to You

If she takes a long time to answer your texts or calls, even when she’s not busy with anything important like work or studies, she could be spending time messaging someone else.

4. Her Phone is Always on Silent

If your girlfriend keeps putting her phone on silent when you’re together, she might be trying to hide texts from other guys.

5. She Changes Her Password

If your girlfriend suddenly changes her password and doesn’t tell you, it could be a sign that something’s up, especially if she used to share her phone password with you before.

6. She Gets Mad When You Look at Her Phone

If your girlfriend gets upset or defensive when you see her phone, she might be hiding something. She might say you’re not respecting her space or ask for more room, which could mean she’s pulling away.

7. She Never Lets You Use Her Phone

Your girlfriend should be okay with you using her phone if there’s nothing secret. If she always comes up with reasons why you can’t, that’s a definite sign something might be wrong.

8. She Deletes Her Text Messages

If your girlfriend’s text messages always seem empty, it could be a sign she’s trying to hide who she’s talking to.

9. She Installs Other Texting Apps

When a girl is being unfaithful, she might use unfamiliar texting apps to hide it. And if you ask about the app out of curiosity, she could suddenly act defensive.

10. She Starts Going Out Without You

If your girlfriend begins going out without you more often, it could mean she’s trying to create distance. It’s also possible she’s meeting other guys and doesn’t want you to know.

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