10 Ways Women Act When They Don’t Love You Anymore

The sad truth about relationships is that they are rarely ever perfect. A lot of relationships won’t ever have the privilege of seeing itself go all the way because human beings are inherently imperfect, and their imperfections play into the dynamics of the relationship as a whole.

There are lots of cases wherein people fall in and out of love with each other throughout the course of a relationship. What people have to understand is that so many conditions and variables have to be perfect in order for a relationship to have a fighting chance. Love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work, time, effort, and heaps of good luck.

However, there’s no getting around the fact that people fall out of love with each other. It always hurts whenever that happens. You wouldn’t want to wish that kind of emotional pain or trauma unto your worst enemy. It’s a common occurrence, and the best that you can do whenever it happens to you is to just try your best to move on with your life.

The earlier you can spot the problems in your relationship, the easier it will be for you to move on from the situation. If you can spot early signs of your girlfriend falling out of love with you, then that will bode better for you in the long run.

1. She doesn’t seem like she cares anymore.

You feel like there’s no effort there and that her affection for you is slowly dying. It’s as if she’s lost interest in life in general, but in truth, she has only lost interest in you. It’s as if all the vitality and animation that was once in her life has suddenly vanished, and you don’t know what to do about it.

2. She no longer compliments you on your looks.

Initially, physical attraction is what brought you together. She used to tell you that you looked so handsome when you first started dating. But over time, the compliments started to fade away, and now you’re left with practically nothing. She no longer has that physical attraction towards you.

3. She stops putting in the effort to make your relationship work.

She sees that your relationship is dying and withering, and she is making no effort whatsoever to save it from a slow and painful death. She couldn’t care less about whether you two fight all the time, and she no longer has the patience to resolve any lingering arguments between the two of you.

4. Communication is rare between both of you.

Communication is always the bedrock of any strong relationship. A couple engaging in open communication with each other is always more likely to survive as opposed to couples who shut each other out. When you and your woman no longer have deep and meaningful conversations, then that means she has probably lost interest in you and that your spark is dying.

5. She acts on her own accord regardless of how you feel.

Your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant to her. She will do what she wants regardless of how it’s going to make you feel. If her actions end up hurting you in the end, then it really isn’t a problem for her because she doesn’t really love you anymore.

6. She doesn’t express gratitude for your gestures.

She used to jump for joy whenever you brought her gifts or flowers. She would get all giddy and excited whenever you would tell her about date plans. She used to plaster a huge smile on her face whenever you came home with food and treats. However, nowadays, your gestures are met with nothing better than indifference.

7. You are always the initiator of conversations.

If it always feels like you are the one who is making an effort to initiate conversations, then you should be worried. If she were truly still in love with you, she would also willingly want to talk to you about anything under the sun. She would willingly turn to you for your opinions and your thoughts about things that interest her.

8. She doesn’t make an effort to make you feel special.

She used to love doing so many sweet and romantic things for you, however, things have changed. She doesn’t care about making you feel giddy and special anymore. She couldn’t care less about whether or not you were happy in the relationship because obviously, she’s not feeling happy either.

9. She stops asking for your attention, and she stops giving you attention too.

In the past, she used to ask for constant communication with you throughout the day. She wanted to always be the apple of your eye, and in turn, she always considered you as the center of her universe. Now though, she barely acknowledges your existence. She also doesn’t ask you to give her your attention anymore because she feels like she no longer needs it.

10. Physical intimacy is a rarity.

Kisses. Hugs. Nights in the bedroom. They’re things of the past. When physical intimacy starts vanishing, you can be assured that your relationship isn’t in a good place.

  1. I am thos woman. Not because I wnt anything to be over. Its because I am tired of thinking he has any interest in me as a person. So an example here is, of a person isn’t interested in me as a person, I can’t even force myself to be intimate. It feels one-way and it makes me feel empty. So now, I have no desire. So again, not so much lack of love. Its lack of interest, lack of communication (I feel like I have to re-say everything I say), no desire to go places with me nor interested in my interests, etc… He won’t see it that way, he will only turn the tables and tell me he is sorry I got offended and that I see it that way. Now I’m tired. And I am most of everything you said.

  2. Obviously he did something wrong. she made a mental exit and now her heart made an exit.
    we women are natural fighters but we know when the throw in the towel.

    1. Always a mans fault yeah, you’re wrong it’s both party’s fault both didn’t try it’s not always 50/50 in a relationship sometimes you have to pick up that extra percentage because you care about them show them that you’re willing to fight to rebuild a stronger relationship if not then both people in the relationship are wrong and didn’t try hard enough.

  3. I just walked away from the woman I wanted. In my life.. Over a year ago I was having some tough times. I said things during an argument. I’ve apologized and have tried to make up for it. Throughout this time things have only gotten worse. I fought and fought to show that I live her and that things are different now. That I’m different. That I’m sorry for my mistakes as I’ve made a few. But she continues to hold on to my mistakes. She cant forgive me. No I didnt cheat. I didnt lie or hit her. I never talked down to her. I acted indifferent, I said you what do you do for me? I dont ask you for anything. I was wrong. I admitted it . I accepted it. Now she saids she needs to find herself. She doesnt want the job of a relationship. She said she has no more feelings for me that way right now. I asked if we were done. She said yes. So I said goodbye. I said I love you all I wanted was your love and to love you but you dont want it so goodbye. I haven’t heard from her since. Earlier in the conversation I said everything I do for you is because I love you and I want to touch your heart again. She said I’m throwing what I do for her in her face and it’s not attractive. Now its over. I wont text her or call her or reach out in any way. I feel lost, empty, lonely. But I cant continue to be used for what she wants. I can’t give as a man as a person in a relationship when I’m the only one in this relationship. So it’s over and I want to know if I was wrong for fighting for her love.. I feel like I was. I never want to do this again.. I wont allow myself…

  4. I was married for 3years but once l cheated with one elderly divorce women, l knew for long time l run away from my house because l though l found the person l was looking for . At the beginning this women was perfect in everything l am 6 years younger than her we are both in 40’s and she has two kids all growing ups with their children but are still living with and l am having 3kids one with the women l married and othee before l got married. I’ve been dating with this women for past 4years and my plan was also to divorce my wife and stay with her but now its like a pain in my head l ‘ve done many things for her as a men whereby l abandon my house and all my family and friends to just be around this women. Know l am losing interest in the women because of her behaviour l don’t want to do anything for her even when she ask me cause many times if l ask her something like a cup of coffee she’ll tell me directly she don’t want or she’s not my maide l must do it myself l even loose interest in bed with her because of many negative mindset in my head. L don’t know what to do.

  5. I really destroyed my brain trying to understand her, I really tried so hard to ask for attention, I’ve created a lot of girl fake account and i gave this account to my friend to talk to me as a girl wants to get close to me, and she doesn’t get jealous, before yesterday she was talking to a boy for a long time in the playground, I saw her, jealousy killed me, im so mad and even my way of texting shows that im mad of something but she didn’t ask, im the one who asks.. How was your day… in an obvious way, im the one who cares, when we talk, she answers my questions only, if i didn’t ask or open any shit to talk about she won’t say anything, i really dn what to say or do, pain and depression is killing me !

  6. I actually am going through a situation like this right now. My girlfriend of 3 years is starting to hang around with another guy which is also my friend, but every time i ask if i can come hang with them she says no. She is constantly hugging him and sitting right next to him leaving me sitting practically alone. Every time i try to talk to her about how i feel she just gets mad and slams the door. I’m scared that she might be cheating on me..

    1. You sir,are the embodiment of clueless. She’s glomming on a guy in your presence? (THWACK) THAT’S the sound of a dope slap. Dump!

  7. Okay here is my story. I have been dating a girl for past 2 years now. We melt on social media. The first time I melt her my intention was just to sleep with her. she came visiting for the first time we had sex but then I have a girlfriend wish she no off but she did not care so we just started having sex only until my girlfriend left the country so I’m suppose to join her in India so i told her we can’t continue any thing anymore and she as why but I never told her anything. So i was processing my paper to join my girlfriend in India until something terrible happen and I could not travel anymore so I was left back in Nigeria with time the relationship between me and my girlfriend fade away and I started dating the girl i melt on social media and I explain everything to her she was really mad but she later let go and we started dating sometimes we do fight but we never let it get in to our relationship two years pass and we are still dating until one faithful day she got a job at an hotel one week in one week off meaning she sleeps at the hotel with other workers and I notice the first time she started working I notice the manager always call her and I ask her its there anything going on between u and the manager she said no I said okay. So one Monday morning when she return back to work from her off she went to work late the manager was angry with her and told her to live. She call me and told me and I said she should beg him and she said the manager refused and I was like did you do anything else apart coming to work late she said I should not mind the manager that the manager as been disturbing her to sleep with him and I was shocked and I ask I taught I ask you and you nothing of such I was angry that night she was pleading with me I was so so angry I refuse to pick her call and she reported the matter to her elder brother and her elder brother call me and pleaded the next morning I call her to live the work immediately and she said she is already back home that she is not working there anymore i ask her to come over my intention was to seized the phone and change her sim but for sure I will give her back the phone with time due the the guys I see she is chatting online but she refused to come thinking that I Will beat her so I got so pissed off and I went to their place getting there I melt her two elder sister I asked her to give me the phone and she said the phone its not with her that her elder sister was with the phone her elder sister was asking what is the problem I refuse to say anything and the elder sister said I don’t have respect with anger I Left for 3 days we didn’t call so she call me the 4th day and said she is coming to my place to park her things that she is not longer interested in the relationship anymore but I’m already in love with her my thinking was she is going to come to my place to park her things herself but she came with her two elder sister I was so heart broken I had to apologize to is sister but they refuse and they park her things and left I keep on apologizing to her two elder sisters and elder brother she said I should apologize to them that is the only was she will no if she will forgive me or not . after I apologize to them we reconcile but I feel like she does not have that love for me anymore she don’t care how I feel anymore she talks to me anyhow she want and I am already in love with her I’m really heart broken I have never felt this way before no woman as ever make me share tears before and she feel like she is happy doing it

    1. #1. The situation is too complicated to sort out what is going on.
      #2. You are a masochist.

  8. I really don’t agree with you on many things. First of all, you speaking about women and relationship in general. Context are different; are you talking about husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend…? secondly, there is a difference between lost of love and lost of interest.

    5. Why would you expect a woman to act on your accord or according to how you feel. That is being possessive and selfish. As a man do you always act on someone else or your girlfriend feelings?

    2. Some women are not very good at complimenting. It just who they are. The fact that she don’t always compliment doesn’t mean she don’t love you. I love my girlfriend, and I like to compliment, but at time I stoped because i don’t want to come out as creepy. So, there is many reasons why people stop complimenting.

    3. Women get tired or bored of a relationship with ungoing fighting. They lose interest, but that doesn’t mean she don’t love you. You as a man should try to make things happen than to expect her to do so.

    4. The fact that you are always the initiator of a conversation, doesn’t mean she don’t love you. The problem is that, you always initiate the conversation; you don’t give her a chance to initiate. Why can’t you pull back and let her initiate even if it will takes weeks of silence?

    All in all, there is many things people don’t do anymore by fear of coming out as creepy or needy, it is a way of keeping attraction. And also when the first phase of a relationship pass, people stop doing certain things.


  9. I tried hard at my relationship and at first it was amazing, I really truly believed I’d found my soulmate

    I never gave up on something good he did or should I say “Did he ever actually think it was as good as I did,nwas I just being delusional?
    he gave up then stamped all over it till there was nothing left.

    Advice from me to men ( And some women) would be..:

    Always show appreciation, never stop doing it or we stop trying.

    Don’t mock your partner, put downs are vile…You’re not perfect.

    Flatter her, tell her she looks beautiful, never stop doing that, as soon as that stops we no longer feel attractive to you.

    Make plans to do things together, even small things matter to us you don’t have to make things expensive!

    Don’t say you’re going to do things and don’t do them unless something justifiable comes up and you simply can’t otherwise she’ll see you as unreliable.

    Stay affectionate, once you start pulling back we pull back.

    Don’t ever try to make her jealous to test her, yes initially it may work but overtime it becomes tiresome for us and just makes you look conceited and dismissive of our feelings and being told we’re “paranoid” when you give us reason to be is massively insulting.

    Remind her of what it was about her that you fell in love with.

    Don’t call her out on petty flaws, you have flaws yourself and after the initial upset of you pointing out hers she’ll start noticing many of yours.

    You’ll have arguments that’s natural but try not to sleep on them, don’t ignore resolving an issue, work together on them, you’re a partnership act like partners.

    Never EVER give her reason not to trust you, once you do this it will be a long hard fight to gain her trust again and it will cause many conflicts in your relationship and will probably be the death of it.

    Yes we may initially fight against all these things happening but overtime it drains us of feelings, we reach a point we feel that low about ourselves and the relationship we can no longer be bothered initiating things to keep the spark going, why should we?
    we get hardly any to no reward for our efforts it just feels pointless, we resign ourselves to the fact it’s over, we’re taking no enjoyment from the relationship then comes the resentment which is possibly the ugliest thing that ultimately ends the relationship.

    Overall just never become complacent, if your partners telling you they’re not happy about certain things don’t overlook them and dismiss them “I’m not happy” is the first red flag and should never be ignored.
    Too many times this is ignored or you try for a short while before you get complacent again,it just becomes a swings and roundabouts situation, the enjoyment of having your partner fight for your relationship may be enjoyable/confidence boosting in the short term but there really will come a day when you’ve sucked everything from them till they throw in the towel and act like all the above and yes that means they definitely DON’T love you anymore.

    Don’te expect to take from a person what you’re not willing to put in.

  10. I can relate to this 100%. I was once totally in love with my husband but over time a lot changed for me. I lost interest in him physically, emotionally and mentally. I fell out of love with him and was not happy with his presence. I separated from him 4 times. I didn’t care how it made him feel and how much he hurt. I did try going back each time to make it work and each time tried to talk to him to tell him what was bothering me and what I needed to change but over time I saw nothing. He wouldn’t communicate with me and still I couldn’t get that once daddy exciting in love feeling back. So the 4th time I left I asked for a divorce. I am happy and content on my own now and he has a girlfriend that he got right after I left. He then started treating me like crap only cuz she felt threatened by me and the fact that we were still married even though we were getting divorced. He was in a rush now for the divorce and so was I. We signed our papers 2 weeks ago. And I am happy.

  11. Actions get reactions sometimes its nothing to do with love or the lack of….
    My husband (10years) says all of these things about me but doesnt consider his actions…
    Literally everything about him has completely changed right down to the music he listens to and he hasnt slept in the same room as me in over a year thats just naming 2 specific examples from one extreme to the other to give examples and shorten the the story but I’m the one in the wrong bc of things like what’s listed. He has changed drastically and I’m lost if I didnt still love him I wouldnt still be here. I think this article is very one sided and and hope men like my husband dont read it and it give them some sort of twisted confirmation to their already self serving ideas of poor me.

  12. I went through a similar experience with my wife of (6 years) in 2020 so I had to leave with my children. Did some research after finding out statistics on majority of divorce rates and break ups caused by women. Most women are brought up typically making decisions based on feelings and emotions, majority of men have to grow up and decide with logic and facts of the real world. I’ve also researched the current dating market and the unrealistic expectations women today want out of a man without anything tangible to bring to the table for a man to truly invest in. Majority of women today are about daytime television, social media, modern feminism, music, movie industry, and current education system empowering its near 90% consumer audience by design. They are told growing up that they can have it all. Want the benefit of marriage and be free to do what they please. Most want children but lack the responsibility of raising them. Generations of men also allow their daughters, spouses, girlfriends, ect to be indoctrinated by this belief of independence with no checks and boundaries. Most women have become extremely hypergamous with expectations of wanting a better life than what they already have. Most don’t realize the consequences of growing up this way when you see the bitterness, attitudes, some narcissistic behaviors with women today not knowing what they want. Majority of women say men are trash because 90% of women only pay attention to the top 10% of men with status and wealth. The bottom 90% of men don’t exist to most women thanks to television and social media ect. Women are emotional so delusions can become their own reality if they want it to.
    Women fall in love quickly when jumping in a relationship while the men just want sex. It usually takes longer for a man to fall in love because he has to feel logically invested in it, but I’ve seen many times when the man does decide to settle is around the time she falls out of the relationship. There are men that also allowed women to lead their relationships to make them happy, but almost all of the time she’ll lead both to the end of the relationship. Majority of dating coaches for women in the west are quitting their jobs because todays women are unreasonable, combative, entitled, ect.
    I have 2 daughters that live with me which is why I have to research what the future holds to guide them in the right direction. Sons need to understand their value in life and make proper investments decisions so it doesn’t affect them too late in their life otherwise parents will be faced with victim hood mentality questioning their parenting.

  13. Women don’t know what they want, but they’re damned sure you’d better find out what it is and provide it. Men as dolts has been a trend in rom/com lately.

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