11 Best Things About Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships are considered as the most difficult and complicated type of relationships. Most people believe that LDRs are bound to be broken. The complexities involved in living really far away from your life partner can greatly affect your relationship. But, realistically speaking, Long Distance Relationships are doable and come with a huge set of benefits.

Love, trust and understanding are the core ingredients of a healthy relationship. Many couples do enjoy fulfilling relationships even if their loved one is settled far away from them. Long Distance Relationships offer unique experiences to both the partners who are living away from each other.

Couples in a long distance relationship go through a distinct experience. Here are some of the benefits that couplesВ in an LDR enjoy together.

1. Communication Is Precious

In a long distance relationship, communication is always precious for both the partners. Couples greatly value all forms of communication whether it’s phone calls, texts, emails, Skype chat etc.

They look forward to any chance of communication with their life partner. Even a small ˜hello’ or ˜good morning’ text message means a lot to them.В I’m not saying communication isn’t key in every successful relationship, but it is required a bit more in LDRs to make up for the distance.

2. Intense Romance

Romance and intimacy is not a routine thing for couples in a long distance relationship. Whenever they meet, they experience an intense passion for each other. Contrary to couples who live together or close by, those who are in a long distance relationship are more passionate in their intimate relationship.

3. More Trust

Trust is the main element for success of any relationship. But a long distance relationship is solely based on trust. Both the partners understand the real meaning of commitment. If they are seriously committed to you, they will never think of getting hitched to anyone in your absence.

This level of trust develops over time. Once you achieve trustworthiness, your relationship is bound to last a lifetime.В 

4. Exciting Vacation Plans Are More Frequent

If you are in a long distance relationship with your significant other, you have a valid reason to go on vacations. And there is nothing more exciting than going on a vacation when your loved one is your destination.

5. Quality Conversations

Unlike the ˜living-together’ couples, you have more quality conversations with your life partner who is sitting miles apart from you. You both value your conversation and listen to each and every word of your spouse with keen interest. As a result of your in-depth conversations, you both get to know each other inside out.

Realising the fact that you are only being able to talk at certain times with your life partner, you try your best to make your conversation pleasant and fruitful.

6. Priceless Reunion Moments

The pleasure you experience when the two of you reunite after a long time is priceless. The excitement of that very moment is exquisite. Seeing your loved one after a long gap is like seeing them for the first time. The love, excitement, pleasure, enthusiasm, emotions; everything is intense and somewhat renewed.

7. You Enjoy Independence While Being In A Relationship

One of the top benefits of being in a long distance relationship is your personal space. You enjoy your independence, get to do things that you want to do, focus on your career and at the same time you enjoy your relationship with your life partner. Long distance relationships help you become a strong independent person who can also take-on the responsibility of a relationship.В 

8. Less Drama

There is very less room for drama in a long distance relationship. Both the partners care for each other’s feelings and avoid doing or saying anything that can hurt their long distant partner. Couples in long distance relationships are more sensitive towards emotions and sentiments of their significant other. Since they are already living apart, they try avoiding any kind of arguments and getting into any misunderstandings. And whenever there is some kind of friction, they try to resolve it as quickly possible.

9. You Never Take Each Other For Granted

All moments in a long distance relationship are always cherished. When you are apart from your life partner, you always make an effort to talk and get in touch with them. And when the two of you are united, you really value those moments. Couples in LDRs never take their significant others for granted.

10. Making The Best Of Every Moment They Are Together

Couples in long distance relationships try to make the best of each moment they stay together. They know that they are together for a very limited time and soon will part from each other. So they put in conscious effort to maximise their moments of togetherness.

11. Better Expressions

Being in a long distance relationship teaches you a lot of things. You learn to express your feeling verbally. Since your partner is not sitting next to you and can’t observe your body language and moods, you find it necessary to express everything through words. This is a very positive thing for healthy growth of a relationship.

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