11 Clear Signs That He Has Been Unfaithful In Your Relationship

It really sucks whenever you find out that the person that you love has been unfaithful to you. Perhaps, there might not be a form of betrayal in this world that hurts as more than that; to know that the one person you could always count on has just stabbed you in the back. It’s heart-wrenching. It can really tarnish and break relationships. But what hurts more than the act of cheating in itself is the shock and surprise that often accompanies the entire ordeal.

If you are able to get an idea that your partner is cheating on you on your own, then at least you are able to emotionally prepare yourself for the blow. But when it catches you by surprise, it’s a knockout punch that is just far too hard to recover from. That’s why you must always make it a point to stay vigilant in your relationship. You always want to make sure that you are putting yourself in a position of always being in the know. You want to stay on top of things so that nothing catches you by surprise.

You don’t want to end up being blindsided by any unwanted affairs. So what exactly do you have to be looking for if you want to know that your man is cheating on you? Of course, you don’t want to be paranoid. You don’t want to be making something out of nothing. Trust is of absolute importance in any healthy relationship. You should only really be acting on your suspicions if the signs are evident and clear. You don’t have to be actively LOOKING for suspicious behavior but it always pays to keep an eye out.

1. He becomes very critical of how you act in your relationship.

He really makes it a point to criticize you whenever he has the chance. It’s as if he’s hell-bent on pointing out every bit of wrong that you commit. And he’s only doing this to make himself feel justified in his unfaithfulness; as if he’s giving himself excuses to cheat on you.

2. He takes random interests in new hobbies and things.

It’s the influence of the person that he’s always with. We tend to take on the hobbies and mannerisms of the people we spend the most time with. So be very wary of some new facets to his personality. He might be getting influenced by someone else.

3. He gets you random gifts out of the blue.

Typically, this wouldn’t be seen as suspicious behavior. In fact, it’s very sweet. But if he’s doing it way too often – and the romanticism doesn’t seem to translate to other aspects of your relationship, he might be doing it out of guilt. He may feel bad about cheating on you and this is his way of cleansing his conscience.

4. He acts moody a lot whenever you’re together.

His always so shifty and moody. He’s hot and he’s cold whenever he’s with you. You don’t ever feel like you can get a sense of consistency with him anymore with regards to his mood. It’s as if he has a personality disorder that has appeared out of the blue.

5. He accuses you of being unfaithful to him.

It’s his way of deflecting. He wants to bring the heat unto you because he can’t deal with the heat himself. He knows that he’s in a vulnerable position and he could get caught any second. And so he tries to divert the attention to you for a little bit.

6. He begins to spend more time at the office.

It’s the classic excuse that all guys use whenever they’re doing something shady. The “time spent at the office” is actually time being spent cheating on you.

7. He gets really defensive whenever you ask him questions about his life.

He doesn’t want any heat to be on him. He hates the pressure of being asked too many questions because he feels guilty.

8. He seems distracted whenever you’re spending time together.

He’s not focused on you or on the relationship anymore. His heart is elsewhere. Perhaps, he’s emotionally invested in another relationship. His love is divided – and you’re slowly losing grip on your own relationship.

He makes a drastic change in how he looks.

He cuts his hair suddenly. He drops weight. He gains weight. He grows a beard. He changes his wardrobe. These are all influenced by someone else and it didn’t come about naturally.

He doesn’t take you out to social events or parties anymore.

He is slowly isolating you away from his life. He doesn’t want to expose you to his world anymore because he’s scared of what you might find.

He acts all secretive with his phone.

Why wouldn’t he feel comfortable with answering a phone call or responding to a text message whenever you’re around? Perhaps he’s trying to hide something from you. Maybe he doesn’t want to get caught in the act. He doesn’t want to get found out about his unfaithfulness.

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