11 Common Lies That Girls Tell Their Men

Her favorite lie is, “I’m fine.”

Dishonesty. It happens. Not all relationships are going to be perfect and completely open. Not all relationships are going to be built on all out honesty and that’s just a sad truth that we’re all going to have to learn to accept. Don’t deny it. You’ve probably even engaged in a few acts of dishonesty in your relationship as well. Don’t worry. It’s not something to be super ashamed of. We’re all guilty of it. We are all only human after all.

For more concrete examples of dishonesty in a relationship, here are a few common lies that girls tell their men all the time in relationships.

1. I’m no longer in contact with my ex.

Of course she’s probably been in contact with her ex at least once since they’ve broken up. It’s perfectly normal to have communicated with an ex especially when the breakup wasn’t necessarily a toxic one. What’s weird is staying in contact with an ex and then deliberately lying about it to a current partner.

2. Nothing is wrong.

Something is wrong and she just doesn’t want to talk about it. This is one of the most common cop out lies that girls tell their men. Whenever she wants to get out of a situation wherein she really has to discuss her negative feelings, she’ll just shun them away and tell him that nothing is wrong even though there are plenty of things that are bothering her.

3. Yes, you’re probably right.

This is another relationship tactic that a lot of girls will use to get out of arguments or to avoid conflict. Instead of actually correcting their men and engaging in constructive dialogue about something, they will resort to lying and they will tell their men that they are probably right even when they know they’re wrong.

4. I’m excited about sharing a future with you.

Sometimes, to lull their partners into a false sense of security and comfort in a relationship, girls will tell their men that they’re excited about the future even when the truth is that they probably haven’t even thought about the future of the relationship yet. It’s an outright lie no matter how comforting it may sound.

5. I don’t really think much about your past relationships.

The truth is that she does. The thought of being better than all of his exes crosses her mind every now and then. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that she wants to make sure that she is always going to be able to treat him in ways that his exes could never treat him. She wants to be better than them for his sake.

6. You look so handsome!

It’s purely an ego thing. She has to make him confident and give him an ego boost by telling him that he looks great even though he doesn’t. Maybe he’s really excited about that haircut that he has just gotten even when he really shouldn’t be all that excited about it. But she’s just being nice by telling him that it looks good.

7. I totally get it.

Sometimes, a girl is going to tell a man that she understands even though she doesn’t. She just wants to make him feel like she really gets him so that he doesn’t have to feel so alone. He will feign empathy for him in an effort to make him feel better about his problems.

8. I don’t have any crushes other than you.

She has had other crushes aside from her man and that’s normal. It’s normal to develop crushes on people outside of a relationship. It’s only wrong whenever one starts acting on those crushes. So yeah, she’s probably thought some guy from work was cute. But she would never admit that to him.

9. I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

The age-old lie that many girls have victimized their men with since the dawn of time. At this point 5 minutes to a girl is like eternity to a man.

10. There were huge discounts!

Sometimes, a girl will try to justify her shopping sprees with fake sales and discounts. That’s the only way she could ever justify her unreasonable purchases to her man because she knows he would never approve of them otherwise.

11. I really like hanging out with your friends.

Not all girls are going to be fond of the company that their men keep. It’s just a fact of life. Just because a girl likes her partner doesn’t mean that she is going to be fond of his friends. But sometimes, she will have to lie to him just to avoid any awkwardness during group hangouts.

There are plenty of other things that girls in relationships lie to their men about but there are just a few examples. Sometimes, it works the other way around too. A lot of men are prone to giving the same lies and maybe even more.

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