11 Examples Of Clingy Behavior That Mean She Is Actually Good For you

Still don’t believe just how lucky you are?

Clingy doesn’t always have to mean bad. In fact, it can often be a good thing. You wouldn’t want to be with a girl who doesn’t act like she cares about you or whatever it is you have to say, right? If you are going to invest yourself in a relationship, you want a girl who is willing to invest just as much of herself into it as well. That’s why you shouldn’t frown at the thought of having a girl who occasionally exhibits clingy behavior towards you. You should be so lucky to actually have a girl who cares that much.

Still don’t believe just how lucky you are? Then read on until the end of this list to really find out just how happy you should be at the times that your girl is clingy towards you.

1. She asks you to define the relationship.


While this may seem like a very aggressive move on her part, you shouldn’t be intimidated. She just doesn’t like the feeling of insecurity in the relationship because of how much she cares about you. She wants to put all doubt to rest by asking you to define the relationship.

2. She makes sure to text you on a consistent basis.

Having a girl who texts you a little too much is a lot better than having a girl who doesn’t text you at all. It means she enjoys talking to you regardless of the platform of communication. It also shows that she misses you whenever you’re not physically present.

3. She gets upset at you whenever you don’t treat her right.

A lot of other girls would be passive and they would turn a blind eye to whenever you wrong them, but not her. She calls you out on your faults but it’s not because she wants to make you feel bad. She just wants you to become a better human being because she wants the best for you.

4. She always wants to spend time with you.

Time is valuable, and it should only be shared with the people who matter the most to you. So if she is willing to carve out some precious time from her schedule just so she can be with you, it shows that you matter a whole lot to her.

5. She isn’t afraid to bring up talks of the future.

This isn’t some short-term fling or random hookup to her. She sees that the both of you actually have something real that you can build upon for the future. She sees that your relationship has the potential for great things and she wants to be able to prepare for the future.

6. She doesn’t hesitate when it comes to being touchy.

She isn’t afraid to get physical with you and you shouldn’t be totally uncomfortable with that. It means that she trusts you enough to never take advantage of her or hurt her when you have the chance. Be happy that you have a girl who is able to feel comfortable in your embrace.

7. She broadcasts your love story on social media.

You may not like being the center of attention especially when it comes to social media but she just can’t help it. She loves being in a relationship with you and she wants to brag it off to the whole world. As uncomfortable as it may be for you to have your relationship broadcasted like this, it’s a lot better than being with a girl who is ashamed to be with you.

8. She asks you a lot about your life.

She takes a genuine interest in your life because you mean so much to her. She wants to know every single aspect of your personality. She wants to know your deepest passions and your interests. She wants to know as much as she can about the man that she loves most in the world.

9. She takes you to meet the rents.

Meeting the parents is a big step. You don’t want to screw it up and you might even be upset at her for putting you in that kind of situation. But the truth is that you should be flattered. It means that she is comfortable enough in your relationship to actually want you to meet her parents. It’s an inevitable step in all long-herm relationships and she wants to get it over with.

10. She acts jealous a few times.

Why would you ever want to date a girl who would be okay with you flirting with other girls? That means that that girl doesn’t care much about your feelings for her. But if your girl acts jealous a few times, then it means that she really values your loyalty and your commitment to the relationship.

11. She consistently expresses her affections for you.

Lastly, be happy that you don’t have a withholding girlfriend who keeps you in the dark about her feelings. She loves you. She adores you. She likes you and she wants you to know it.

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  1. i think that this could help people because in a way you let them know to be grateful of whats around them and who’s in their lives…and to let them know how lucky they are.And i thank you because persoanlly i am kinda clingy so its good to hear that its ok!

  2. “As uncomfortable as it may be for you to have your relationship broadcasted like this” Grossss if they don’t want to be on social media don’t shame them for that!

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