11 Things All Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep

How many of these do you do?

Sleep is precious and it must never be violated. You have to be able to grab at any opportunity that you can to grab some snoozes. Sleep is good for you. And when you wake up, you will feel more refreshed and energized to do more things in life.

However, that doesn’t mean that you and your partner should just mindlessly drift off to dreamland the moment that you both touch the bed. Take some time to make the most of this intimate setting to bond with one another. It doesn’t even have to take too long. Even a few minutes in bed spent bonding and communicating with one another every night will do wonders for your emotional connection.

But if you feel like you still need some more tips on how you can have better pre-bedtime habits, then you should just read on until the end of this article:

1. Put your phones away and ignore them until morning.

Cellphones are marvelous technological devices. They are a great manifestation of human growth and ingenuity. However, they have no place in the bedroom before going to sleep. Put them away. Avoid all distractions when you’re in bed together. Just be present in each other’s lives and give each other all of your individual attention. Focus on yourselves and on your relationship. Your messages and emails can wait until the morning.

2. Avoid talks and thoughts about work.

Leave work at the office. Keep it out of the bedroom. Make sure that anything you talk about in your bedroom should be about your relationship.

3. Go to bed at the same time as often as possible.

When you go to sleep at the same time, there is a certain camaraderie that is present there that is absolutely vital to the relationship. It shows that both people in the relationship are invested in maintain synchronicity and intimacy.

4. Develop a routine with each other.

Like the previous item listed here, this tip helps promote synchronicity in a relationship. It’s nice for couples to have a few solid routines to fall back on every night. It generates consistency and stability in an unstable world.

5. Have a deep conversation with each other.

Sometimes, a nice deep philosophical or emotional conversation with the person you love the most is the perfect way to end the day. Sure, it’s nice to engage in small talk when you’re in bed together. But don’t be afraid of really digging in and going deep either. You should both be able to explore each other’s minds. And it makes sense for you to do so after the end of a long day where you get to really reflect on life.

6. Avoid arguments or touchy topics.

Don’t go to bed with negative energy. That’s not a good way to go to sleep with each other. So make sure that if you’re conversing with one another in bed, then avoid topics that could potentially lead to conflict or an argument. Keep things nonconfrontational and easy.

7. Keep your sleeping area free of children.

According to leading relationship experts, the only acceptable time to have children share a bed with you is if they are struggling with nightmares or difficult thoughts. But in all other times, you have to be able to make them respect the sanctity of your bedroom. Your bedroom should always be your personal private space as a couple and no one should get to violate it.

8. Keep pets away as well.


Like the previous item listed on here, it makes sense for you to keep your pets away from the bedroom. Your bedroom should always be your own personal sanctuary. And while you do love your pets, they have their own place inside the house and it’s definitely not in your bedroom. Keep your bedroom exclusively to yourselves as a couple.

9. Put away the cigarettes and the booze.

Studies have shown that cigarettes and alcohol intake directly before bedtime isn’t a good thing. Experts have concluded that you risk compromising a good night’s sleep if you smoke or drink right before you drift away into your deep slumber.

10. Give each other a nice massage.

Life can be stressful. And sometimes, a good massage from the person we love the most can be just what we need to end the day on a high note. So don’t be afraid to get your hands on your partner’s tight muscles to help relieve their stress. It’s a simple gesture but it’s going to go a long way in building your intimacy.

11. Get physically intimate with each other.

Hugs and kisses are great. They are a perfectly innocent and yet effective way to express physical intimacy with another person. And when you’re in bed with one another, don’t be so withholding of your hugs and kisses. Let your partner know just how much you love them by keeping tight in your embrace.

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