11 Little Things Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive

Ladies, aren’t we all just sick of getting in relationships and then end up realizing this guy is just not meant for us, or that he is a chronic idiot? Most of the time when you are looking for a long-term relationship, you end up attracting a guy who is just in it for sex or is just looking for something casual.

And that can be just hard-breaking, so why not set out in a way that you end up finding Mr. Right and don’t get hurt in the process? There are so many articles out there that direct guy on how to find the right girl, but very few on how to get the right guy. Of course, individual differences exist so this may not be applicable to everyone but generally these are some of the things that can definitely help you find Mr. Right and keep him.

1. Stop with the Stereotypes:

Seriously, girls need to stop doing this. I have way too many female friends who are ready to paint all guys with the same brush and say all men are dogs, while at the same time they sigh pathetically complaining about how they cannot find the right guy.

Well, obviously, if you start assuming that every guy is a jerk, chances are that he will be a jerk to you because you never gave him the chance to build a good first impression. Added to that, all the guys I know absolutely detest all girls who generalize and stereotype against them; it is on top of their list of major no’s in a girl. If you actually want to find a nice guy you are going to have to stop assuming that all guys are bad, and actually give them a chance to show you their true personality. Predefined opinions are just going to make you come off as over critical and extremely judgey and are you really sure you want to give off that impression of yourself? Also, girls need to stop going along with common stereotypes like guys should do all the heavy lifting, etc; it’s just extremely unattractive and detrimental to a relationship.

A relationship needs to be platonic, you do your half and I’ll do mine. Both have to put in their 100% to make it work all together. When a woman refuses to acknowledge stereotypes and instead tries to get to know you for who you actually are, that’s attractive. It shows that you’re willing to get to know them and assess their individual personalities instead of following common conceptions.

2. Stop Playing Hard To Get

I get it, you don’t want a guy to think you are easy on the fear that he’ll take you for granted or not realize your true worth, but honestly if you are really attracted to a guy; don’t play hard to get. It won’t do either of you any favors and chances are that the guy will just get annoyed and move on. Be honest and upfront with how you feel and you’ll be surprised at the response you get. If you really want a good long-term relationship, then you need to start off on the right foot, which means that you need to be honest and open from the start. If you aren’t honest and open from the start, the guy has no reason to trust you as the relationship progresses, which can make your relationship very fragile. Also, just like girls, guys do not like being played with, either. It is extremely degrading and hurtful. The guy might be really into you and if and when he realizes that you are playing with him, it can be a major turn off.

If you like someone, you need to come forward with your feelings. You need to let the person know that you like them. Women realize that playing games with guys who like them are childish and plain mean. Everyone has feelings and playing around with another person’s feelings is the worst thing anyone is capable of.

A lot of jerks exist who like to mess around a person’s mind. Thus, when you find a gem who’ll actually come forward with however they feel, be it a confession of rejection, it’s considered a gem. Being a genuine person is a rare thing in today’s world. Everyone walks around lying to one another. You’d think that after some time or at a certain age, people will come out of it eventually. Sadly, a very limited amount of people turn out to be counted as the good ones.

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