11 Not So Obvious Things That Really Matter To Your Girl

She wants you to appreciate her efforts.

Remember that not all romantic gestures and expressions of love have to always be grand. Beauty can also be found in the simplest things; you just have to be able to perform these simple acts with sincerity and affection. It is a known fact that men and women tend to speak different languages when it comes to love and romance. So it would be fair to say that there are some things that you don’t think matter much to her even though they really do and vice versa. So you have to learn to pay attention. But just in case you are totally aloof, then this article is for you. Read on to find out the not so obvious things that you do which really matter to your woman:

1. When you pay her a few compliments.

Never underestimate the power of a good compliment. Even though it may seem simple to you, it means a whole lot to her whenever you compliment her on her personality or her looks. It tells her that you still appreciate her even if you’ve been together for a while. 

2. When you tell her that you were reminded of her by something.

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s an incredibly big deal to her. Whenever you tell her that something you saw reminded you of her, it tells her that she plays a big role in your life and that she always occupies a space in your mind. 

3. When you randomly bring her favorite food to her.

Thoughtfulness is always a good idea in a relationship. Maybe, you just happened to pass by her favorite restaurant and thought it would be a good idea to get her something. That may seem like a simple gesture to you, but she really loves it whenever you do that.

4. When you text her right away in the mornings.

The Good morning! texts are always a great way to start a day. Let her know that she is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the mornings. Again, this may not seem like such a big deal to you, but it’s going to definitely put a smile on her face. 

5. When you do her chores or errands for her.

Do some work for her. Take some of the weight off of her shoulders. Get your hands dirty so that she can keep hers clean. It would really make her happy and downright blissful to know that you would willingly run her errands on her behalf. It shows that you are still willing to invest time and effort into her happiness. 

6. When you express a sincere interest in her life.

Not to say that girls are total attention-whores, but they definitely love it whenever the men that they love give them all of their attention. Make sure that you express a sincere interest in her by asking her about her day or how she’s feeling at any particular moment. 

7. When you let her take control of the radio during car rides.

She knows how much it means to you to always be in control of the car radio especially when you’re driving. So when you willingly relinquish control for her, it just tells her that you choose to prioritize her above your own personal desires. 

8. When you make the effort to actually look good for her.

If she sees that you’re still putting in the work to actually make her more attracted to you, then she’s going to be very happy. It means that you’re not being complacent and that you don’t take her attraction to you for granted at all. 

9. When you make compromises and sacrifices just to make her happy.

Relationships would never survive if no compromises are ever made. That’s the general rule as far as compromises are concerned. And so whenever you choose to make a few compromises for the sake of the relationship, it makes her happy. She loves the fact that you’re willing to put the needs of a relationship above your own. 

10. When you are generous with her in the bedroom. 

A lot of men tend to get very selfish in the bedroom, and so you are the anomaly in that equation. You always make sure to give her the pleasure and stimulation that she needs from you as well. She loves it whenever you just don’t make it all about yourself. 

11. When you post photos of her on your social media.

Again, this might not be such a big thing to you, but it would absolutely fill her with joy. It would really elate her to know that you are bragging and showing her off to the world as the woman that you love the most. This is most especially true if you’re not particularly the type of person who posts on social media a lot. 

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