11 Problems That Girls Who Have Been Single Since Birth Have

How long have you been single for?

There’s only one probable reason as to why you’re reading this article. The title hit you right in the gut. Your friends have probably joked around about you being the only one in the group who hasn’t been in a relationship for as long as they’ve known you. You are probably right in the prime of your early adulthood and you’re getting pressured because you still don’t know what it feels like to be in a meaningful and intimate relationship with someone. 

First of all, that’s not something to be ashamed of. There are plenty of people like you who are in this position especially considering that this new generation of young adults seemed to be more focus on themselves than on their relationships with others. And also, everyone at one point has had the single since birth title. You just have to be patient enough and the right relationship is going to come along. You don’t have to pressure yourself into anything that you’re not comfortable with. 

Yes, it can be a struggle having to live with being labeled as someone who hasn’t been in a relationship since birth. But at least it might help you to know that a lot of people have shared in your troubles. As proof, here are some of the common problems that girls who have been single since birth always face:

1. People always assume that you’re just lying.

It’s as if it’s a metaphysical impossibility for anyone to have been single since birth in this day and age. So whenever people find out that you’ve never had a boyfriend, they will just assume that you’re lying about it even though it’s true. 

2. People assume that you’re just really religious.

As if religion has anything to do with you being single. Whether or not it does, it shouldn’t really matter to other people anyway. You’re single and just because you’ve always been single doesn’t give people the right to act as if they understand your life philosophy.

3. You find it hard to relate to your friends’ love life.

Whenever your friends start bringing up problems or issues that concern their romantic life, you find it hard to empathize because you’ve never had these experiences before. 

4. People will try to give you senseless tips like advising you to lower your standards.

First of all, people shouldn’t ever feel entitled to give you advice especially when you don’t ask for it. And second, lowering your standards is not an option. The very reason why you’re still single is because you don’t want to lower your standards and settle. 

5. You get tired of having to explain to everyone that you don’t mind waiting for the right guy.

Everyone keeps saying that they don’t get why you just don’t jump into whatever relationship you can get into. And you keep on having to explain that you’re really not in a rush and that you don’t mind the wait. 

6. Valentine’s Day is just another normal day to you.

You keep seeing a lot of pictures of friends on your social media feeds who are out on dates with their significant others. There are flowers, balloons, and chocolates everywhere you look but none of them are ever for you. 

7. People will think that they will need to comfort you for being single.

People automatically take pity on you for being single as if it’s such an unfortunate situation to be in. They will try to comfort you and give you words of consolation as if you ever needed consoling. 

8. Your friends will always try to set you up with people even though you’re not interested.

It’s as if your friends are more invested in your love life than you are. They will keep on trying to set you up with people even though you’re not putting in the effort yourself. 

9. You are always playing the part of the 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel during hang outs.

Whenever you’re hanging out with your friends, you are always the one who is left without a partner. It’s not really something bad, but it’s something that can feel a little weird or awkward for you. 

10. Some people have asked you if you’re just lesbian.

As if your sexual preference has anything to do with you being single? Even if you were lesbian, why would that mean that you haven’t had a real relationship since birth? It’s just a weird thing that people assume about you all the time and you’re fed up with it. 

11. You dread family gatherings because your relatives keep asking you about your lack of a love life.

Lastly, you are tired of having to deal with all of those nosy relatives who keep grilling you about why you’re not in a relationship yet. They will keep asking you questions and giving you unsolicited advice while you have to sit there and take it. 

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  1. This sounds so funny for me all the time while reading! Haha 😂 turning 25 yet single since birth. Not a normal thing in comparison to those in their 30s to 40s and still single. It’s just quite unique why a person just want to be single all the time he/she wants. Even though been annoyed asked why “single” since birth?! And so forth. 😅 Nah, just leave us alone! 😂

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