11 Questions You Should Be Comfortable Asking Your Partner In A Relationship

You should always be comfortable asking these questions.

When you meet the person who you know you’re destined to be with for the rest of your life, then you should know that there is no such thing as an area too sensitive in your relationship that you can’t address. At the base of any great romantic relationship is a strong and solid friendship. You must always be able to consider your partner as your best friend your rock and confidante. You should always be able to confide in one another about the most sensitive and most intimate aspects of your lives. You should be able to ask one another about almost anything (of course there are limits; respect boundaries, people!). So if you find that your partner makes it uncomfortable for you to ask these things in your relationship, perhaps you aren’t as close to one another as you originally thought.

1. Where do you think our relationship is headed?

You have the right to know what your partner thinks about the state and direction of your relationship. The relationship is a two-way street after all and you can’t just always be acting on your own accord. You have to take your partner’s expectations into consideration as well.

2. What are the details about your family that I need to be made aware of?

You would want to know as much about your partner as possible and that includes what their family like is life. Getting to know your partner’s family gives you a better perspective into how your partner’s character and personality was formed. You can now better understand why your partner is a certain way.

3. What acts in a relationship would you consider as cheating?

You have to set the parameters. You have to open up to one another about what you think about infidelity and unfaithfulness just so you’re both operating on the same page.

4. What are the things that you are most afraid of in life?

Your partner shouldn’t be afraid to reveal their deepest fears to you. Your relationship is a partnership after all. You are both there for one another. You want to make each other’s lives as easy as possible. And that includes helping each other through each of your fears.

5. What are the most annoying things about me?

You might not want to hear the answers to this question but it’s still a necessary one to ask. You are both only human after all. And when you ask this question to the person you trust most in this world, then you are showing the kind of vulnerability and humility that one needs to grow into a better human being.

6. What can I do to help make our relationship better?

Of course, you would never be content with the state of your relationship at any point. You understand that a fundamental aspect of being human is continual growth and that applies to relationships as well. Just because things might seem like they’re going steady, you must always be willing to think about how you could both make things better.

7. What is the one thing that you are most ashamed of admitting?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but it’s still a necessary one to address. Answering this question speaks volumes about how open and vulnerable you are to one another.

8. What does your sexual history look like?

Sexual history is a tricky topic. And while your partner doesn’t necessarily have to go into much details (because you probably won’t want to be given too vivid of a picture either), they should still be willing to discuss these things with you. It’s a difficult conversation to have but it’s not beyond the boundaries of an intimate relationship.

9. Are you dealing with any health issues that I should know about?

Any serious health issues that your partner might be dealing with should always be made open to you. You always have the right to know about any physical struggles that your partner might be going through especially when these issues affect your own personal well-being.

10. What are your plans regarding making a family in the future?

If you’re really looking to have a long-term relationship with one another, you have the right to engage in talks about proper family planning. It’s the mature thing to do. You should both be willing to discuss the prospects of getting married and having children if you’re both really serious about staying with one another.

11. Do you feel like you are comfortable with just being yourself when you’re around me?

You always have to know if your partner is being their genuine selves. If you find out that they can’t act normal when they’re around you, then you know that you’re relationship just isn’t where it’s supposed to be. It means that you’re putting too much pressure on your partner to be or act a certain way, and in a sense, it’s slowly killing your emotional bond with one another.

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