11 Real Reasons Why Independent Women Have a Hard Time Finding Love

Any independent women in the house?

1. They aren’t too fond of the modern dating system.

They don’t like having to treat dating as some kind of game that they have to play. They don’t want to have to follow dating rules and they don’t want to subject themselves to such arbitrary standards. Independent women see the modern dating system as immature and unnecessary. They don’t want to have to indulge in that kind of social practice when they don’t believe in it.

2. They don’t date people just for the sake of dating.

When they date, it would only be because they see genuine potential in a person. They wouldn’t be interested in casually dating a person and seeing where things go. They would see that as a waste of valuable time and energy.

3. They don’t really commit to anyone they’re not genuinely in love with.

A lot of people will find various reasons to commit in a relationship. Other people will commit to the companionship, to the financial benefits, to the emotional fulfillment, to the social stability, etc. But an independent woman will only want to commit for one reason: true love. However, true love isn’t so easy to find these days; and it surely can’t be developed without pure commitment.

4. They don’t appeal to men who need women to need them in return.

A lot of men like to feel needed and wanted in a relationship. However, an independent woman is going to make him feel like he isn’t a necessary aspect of her life. These women are so used to just going after what they want and getting things done on their own. And that can really be threatening to a lot of men.

5. They don’t like moving too quickly in relationships.

They always want to be taking things slow. Independent women understand that the process is just as important as the results. They know that love isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey. And they never want to rush that journey. They want to savor it as much as they can. They want to approach relationships as methodically as possible. And lots of people just don’t have that kind of patience.

6. They are fond of making important life decisions that can be detrimental to relationships.

A lot of the time, a strong and independent woman will find herself prioritizing other things over her relationships. And as a result, the relationships can suffer and wilt until they die. It’s always important to strike that balance. It’s always important to manage one’s time and efforts effectively so that one aspect of life doesn’t have to thrive at the expense of another.

7. They don’t really find themselves asking for other peoples’ opinions much.

In a relationship, it’s always important to make sure that your partner feels heard. However, independent women often make the mistake of just going about life on their own. They don’t really like asking permission from other people. They don’t take the time to hear other people out. And as a result, they can be very alienating to be in a relationship with.

8. They have incredibly high standards and expectations for their relationships.

She really wants that all-out kind of love. She is a very intense person. One thing you have to know about independent women is that they really envision a grand future for themselves. And when it comes to relationships, it can be tough for them to actually find a person who ticks off all of the boxes on their relationship checklist.

9. They are never comfortable with being weak and vulnerable.

It’s no secret that you always have to be weak and vulnerable to a certain extent when you want to fall in love with someone. But that’s just not something a strong and independent woman is going to be comfortable with doing. She is never going to be okay with being seen as a weak and vulnerable creature. She doesn’t want to open herself up to being used and manipulated. She just wants to keep herself from getting hurt.

10. They tend to attract dependent and clingy men.

A lot of needy men will want to attach themselves to these independent women. And as a result, should a relationship form out of these two, it’s going to be very imbalanced and dysfunctional. Typically, the men who are so dependent on others are also the men who tend to go after independent women. And that’s just plain unfortunate for her.

11. They refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve.

A lot of independent women will always have grand dreams for themselves. They are uncompromising in their pursuit of their dreams and they will never settle for anything that they feel is less than they deserve. So that’s why they don’t often find themselves in relationships that much. They often see themselves as above the relationships that they are in.

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  1. This is me to a T. I have always been independent and self sufficient and my first husband was good with that. I also knew how to compromise, but as I got older everything changed. My expectations are very high and I haven’t met anyone that is interesting enough to me. I have let my guard down and allowed myself to be vulnerable and it almost destroyed me. Now I just protect my inner self and pour myself into my work.

  2. I’m only 23 years old, and it’s scary how much this resonated with me, I’ve only been single about a year now but I’ve grown into such a self sustaining woman, and many men are threatened by that, cannot meet my expectations or are afraid to even try and swim in my waters because I apparently scare them.